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10:35 pm: Channel 2 s Dave Huddleston's Tweets photo of Brian Kemp looks at the election results coming in:10:20 pm…

10:35 pm: Channel 2 s Dave Huddleston’s Tweets photo of Brian Kemp looks at the election results coming in:

10:20 pm Brian Kemp ready to get more of the vote than Gov. Deal:

With 57 % Reporting: Kemp 55% Abrams 44% Metz 0.86% # ElectionOn2 [19659019] – Richard Elliot (@RElliotWSB) N First Lady Sandra Deal Spoke at Kemp Campaign Headquarters:

21:43: Gov. Nathan Deal has arrived at the campaign party Kemp:

9:33 pm: with 40% reporting, Kemp’s lead reduction to only 11%

9: 24.00: Kemp seems to have taken Banks County:

9:09: 28% Reporting, Kemp keeps the lead: 19659017] With 28% reporting: Kemp 61% Abrams 38% Metz 0.66%

– Richard Elliot (@RElliotWSB) November 7, 2018

09:06: With 24% reporting, Kemp leads 60% of the vote

9 pm: Gwinnett’s early voting rights in total are in. Abrams won a lot with an early vote:

8:55: With 19% reporting holds Kemp currently 59% of the vote:

8:47: With 17% reporting, Kemp maintains the governor’s competition:

8:41: With 14% Reporting, Kemp Holds Over Abrams:

8:32 pm: Poll hours have been extended at 3 departments in Fulton County:

8:16: The room is starting to fill the Kemp clock party in Athens :

8: 15p .m: ] With 2% of the vote in, Kemp has an early lead in the run of governor:

19:50: Channel 2 s ] Dave Huddleston reports Kemp- party expected to start soon:

19:42: With 5% of The votes in Henry County are now leaning against Kemp:

19:37: Currently, Twiggs County goes to Abrams [19659017] Our smart board shows Stacey Abrams with an early leadership in Twiggs County – a county Donald Trump won with a small margin in 2016. @wsbtv pic.

– Justin Wilfon (@JustinWilfonWSB) November 7, 2018

7:36 pm: Three county councils Georgia County is currently going to Kemp:

19:33: Richard Elliot says long lines of people waiting to enter Stacey Abram’s Bell Festival:

19:31: The first election results have begun to enter the Georgian governor’s race.

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