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George HW Bush's service dog Sully pays to touch last tribute

Image CopyrightJim McGrath / Twitter Image TextsThe Sully dog ​​is sleeping next to the coffin of late US President George…

 The Sully dog ​​is sleeping next to the coffin of the late US President George HW Bush

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Jim McGrath / Twitter

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The Sully dog ​​is sleeping next to the coffin of late US President George HW Bush

The golden labrador who worked as a service dog for President George HW Bush has been portrayed dormant next to his chest, with a tribute.

Bush, who served as 41

st president in the United States between 1989 and 1993, died late Friday at the age of 94.

The Sully dog ​​travels with the coffin on the flight from Texas to Washington DC on Monday.

Bush’s body is due to stay in the state this week before a day of national grief.

The coffin will fly from Texas to DC aboard the Air Force One – temporarily renamed Special Air Mission 41, to tribute to the late president and then back on Wednesday, where Sully accompanies the entire body.

The image tweeted by Bush’s spokesman Jim McGrath, shows Sully next to Bush’s chest on Sunday together with the heading “Mission completed.”

Social media users thanked Sully for his services and commented on his and the dog’s loyalty in general to their owners.

Sully is named after the pilot Pilot Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger, who landed a passenger on the Hudson River 2009, saving all 155 passengers and crew on board.

The two-year labrador was awarded earlier this year as a service dog to Bush who used a wheelchair in

An educated dog, Sully can perform a number of commands, including answering the phone and retrieving things.

He will now serve as a service team to help treat wounded soldiers. 19659007] Sully has his own Instagram account; Here he has shown “helping with the vote” when Bush cast his vote last month’s presidential election in the United States.

Not all US presidents have been fond of dogs, but John F Kennedy was allergic to dogs and Donald Trump does not have one.

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President Bush had received treatment for a form of Parkinson’s disease and had been infiltrated in hospital with blood infection in April.

He died 94 years in Houston, Texas.

He will be buried at the Texas presidential library, along with his wife Barbara Bush, who died seven months ago.

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