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George Conway Facts Checks Donald Trumps “completely cleans the president's assertion

December 8, 2018 US 0 Views Fully speaking, the President speaks. Thanks! – Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) December 7, 2018…

“Totally speaking, the president,” Trump tweeted. “Thanks!”

George Conway – the husband of White House Advisor Kellyanne Conway – had a different view of the federal prosecutor’s recommendations in New York.

Unnamed: The part that stated “Cohen himself has now admitted, taking into account both payments, he acted in concert with and towards individual-1

.” The payments were those made to two alleged Trump lovers during the presidential campaign from 2016. “Individual-1” is Trump.

Conway, a long-standing critic of Trump, replied:

Conway’s post went well on Twitter, including comedian Kathy Griffin:

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