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Galaxy S10 start date confirmed: February 20 at Samsung's unpacked event in San Francisco

<img src = "×0/2019/01/10/c62beb33-11db-41da-84f5-6e90dff425c5/samsung-galaxy-unpackd-2019-official -invitation-1920×1080.jpg "class =" "alt =" samsung-galaxy-unpackd-2019-official-invitation-1920×1080 [19659002] SamsungPhones usually do not get much love at CES,…

<img src = “×0/2019/01/10/c62beb33-11db-41da-84f5-6e90dff425c5/samsung-galaxy-unpackd-2019-official -invitation-1920×1080.jpg “class =” “alt =” samsung-galaxy-unpackd-2019-official-invitation-1920×1080 [19659002] Samsung

Phones usually do not get much love at CES, but Samsung managed to set the headlight by using the show to announce the launch date of its 1

0th anniversary Galaxy phone, which is expected to be called Galaxy S10 .

The event will take place on Wednesday, February 20 at 11:00 am at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco. CNET will be in place to cover the messages live.

Samsung’s unpacked events are always a huge deal, but this year’s company’s show is playing 2019 more than ever before. Samsung is still the world’s largest seller of mobile phones, but the Chinese rival Huawei is hot on Samsung’s other slots (with booted Apple ), which looks up innovations in 2018 that triple rear cameras and dotted finishes as Samsung has been slow to match.

While Huawei is facing exhaustion of his own challenges the whole industry feels the burning as sales slow. Although Apple, whose iPhone sales made it a trillion dollar company in 2018, has taken a hit on its new iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR, and quoted interest in China . It is against this background of softening interest that Samsung launches a number of devices 2019, including a folding phone and 5G finished units.

The mobile giant kept his invitation short and sweet and only noted the date and time of the event and the livestream URL just below a central image. It is the visual that contains all the clues to what we should see. A graphic of number 10 looks as if it has been hit on the side and then shattered horizontally in northern and southern parts. The highest half of the figure shows black ink on a blue and pink background, while the lower half shows white letters on a dark purple surface that fades to black.

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Samsung’s foldable phone coming soon


The 10 clearly represent Samsung’s 10th anniversary or the Galaxy S10. But the seam that runs down the middle of the phone suggests the edges of two curved units sitting side by side. These can indicate at several device colors, or even two separate phones.

We actually know that Samsung has many new phones planned during the year: the Galaxy S9 successor, a collapsible phone that can be called the Galaxy X and 5G devices for Verizon and AT & T. Galaxy S10 rumors suggest three separate S10 phones in their lineup: a regular Galaxy S10, a larger S10 Plus and S10 Lite or S10 E.

Some of these would be reasonable alternatives, but I’ll go ahead and speculate that the blue and pink units at the top represent the folding phone, with sky blue stripe that creates limitless opportunity. With a collapsible phone, Samsung can say that the sky is the limit.

Starting two unique units at the same event would be a risk for Samsung, as one could obscure the other. For example, a collapsible “Galaxy X” phone would surely suck all the oxygen out of the relatively crushed Galaxy S10.

But we just understood Samsung’s foldable phone back in November and saw the prototype far from being in seconds. It is possible that Samsung could tease the device further without completely revealing it as well. Mobile World Congress is around the corner, after all, and it is a favorite stage for Samsung unveilings. The company has also been known to host unpacked events in New York after the MWC.

What do you read in the Utackad invitation to the Galaxy S10? Share your theories in the comments below. Capture all Galaxy S10 rumors here and if Galaxy X foldable phone here.

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2018 was the year of the phone. It just gets better


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