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Gain the Energy You Need to Exercise from These Snacks

Don’t worry if you feel hungry before hitting the gym, because we know you do not want to mess up…

Don’t worry if you feel hungry before hitting the gym, because we know you do not want to mess up your diet and main meal schedule, so we came up with a solution: snacks, and here we do not mean unhealthy meals, on the contrary, we mean meals that give you high energy and a large dose of activity and enthusiasm to work out, our list for you includes:

Boiled eggs, avocados and toast

In the Pastry section of the supermarket, you can find whole wheat toast, and while you are at the supermarket buy a few avocados and some eggs. Start by boiling the eggs, slice a piece of avocado in half, put them on two slices of bread and add a pinch of salt and a black pepper. And you’re good to go, you’ve just made a great meal under 400 calories.

Natural orange smoothie

Forget canned juice which contains high amounts of sugar and indulge yourself with a natural orange smoothie with protein powder added to it, as it’s well known that eating or drinking orange products before working out gives you high energy and many other enhancing results.

Apple and peanut butter

A simple quick enjoyable snack. All you have to do is cut an apple into slices and add peanut butter to each slice, you can also decorate it with raisins, nuts or cranberries, but if you are in a hurry, dunk the slices with peanut butter and eat it directly.

Mocha Protein Shake

Imagine how great this mixture is: protein, chocolate and coffee, a wonderful mixture to give you energy before working out, all while easy on the stomach, still, for better results, make sure to use black chocolate, and do not add sugar to the mix.

Home-made energy bars of almond, apricot and flax seed

Yes, you can make your own energy bars at home if you have some free time. All you have to do is put almonds, dried apricots, flax seeds, dates, cinnamon, ground coconut and lemon juice in the blender and start mixing until they become a consistent mixture. Spread the mixture in a tray and cut it into plates.

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