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Gaetz: It's a “Joke” that the GOP leadership “just now talking with Comey”

The Jewish Committee's republican MP Matt Gaetz said Monday that it is a joke that the GOP leadership "only now…

The Jewish Committee’s republican MP Matt Gaetz said Monday that it is a joke that the GOP leadership “only now comes to [getting testimony from] James Comey”.

Gaetz said Republicans have been worried about ordering Comey to appear as part of an investigation at the beginning of Trump Russia’s probe because it would interfere with the economic message they would spread before the election.

He said the election results, where the Republicans lost House and saw some senate seats in both party directions, showed that a positive economic message alone could not support the support needed to control the congress.

Gaetz said Congress’s handling of Comey, the Clinton e-scandal and questions about the legitimacy of Russia’s investigation were one of the most “low energy controls” and “one of the reasons we lost the majority”.

“We did not move fast enough,” he said, adding that there is only a week’s worth of congress workdays before Christmas.

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The New Democratic House was sworn in the first week of January 2019.

“We’re just coming to James Comey what a joke. “

Gaetz said that han, Rep. Mark Meadows (NC), Rep. Devin Nunes (Calif.) And rep Jim Jordan (Ohio) were among the few people pushing outgoing house rapporteur Paul Ryan (Wis.) To focus more on Comey and related witnesses.

Comey recently said that, although his testimony will be in a private orientation, he listened successfully to the committee to release a transcript within a day and allow him to speak freely after his hearing.

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