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Fresh Meat: 10 new Android apps worth checking out

New devices need lovin ', right? Every day there are thousands of extensions to the Google Play store, but many…

New devices need lovin ‘, right? Every day there are thousands of extensions to the Google Play store, but many go unnoticed and never get the attention they deserve. We have previously shown that this community can detect good apps and drive them to new heights. Our weekly Fresh Meat column is launching new apps with fewer than 100,000 installations. Browse our new Android app below and let us know who you like.


Description: Nack is the app for spreading kindness through copper coffee. In a few simple cranes you can send a cup of coffee to a colleague, neighbor or even friend who is thousands of miles away. That’s what we call random coffee books.

 T-Mobile Money

Description : T-Mobile Money is the bank account that sets you and your money first. Everyone earns 1.00% annual percentage return (APY) on all balances, and T-Mobile wireless clients with a deposit of at least $ 200 per month can earn an industry-leading 4.00% APY * on account balances up to $ 3,000.

 Welcome to Marwen AR

Description : In collaboration with Technicolor, Atom Films, The Mill, the Marwen world will enjoy through the vision of pioneering director Robert Zemeckis. Project this immersive 3D clip on a flat surface and use your mobile device or tablet to explore the word and target the scene from any angle you want. You’re the director.

 Christmas Photo Frame

Description : You can create excellent Christmas cards using pictures in a given collection of Christmas car. You can write different fonts on Christmas cake using the Christmas photo card manufacturer: cake, card and photo frame.


Description : Totsie makes your child’s precious little moment to lasting memories. Capture adorable pregnancy & baby milestone pictures by adding wonderful handmade stickers and custom text. Create heartburn comparisons to track your pregnancy and baby travel. Security saves baby pictures to your own private time capsule or share with friends and family right away.

 Typing Hero - Free Text Expander

Description : Typing Hero turns your own keyword into any long text you want immediately. Simply start by simply adding frequently used text to Typing Hero, enter a keyword for each text and enable Typing Hero service. For example, you can only type your home address by typing zadr (four characters !!).

 Ralph Breaks Internet Stickers

Description : Join Wreck-it Ralph, Vanellope and Disney Princesses on a virtual adventure with these 30 NEW stickers for your messages based on iconic moments from the movie, coming to theaters on November 21st. Use these stickers to chat, including in WhatsApp (WAStickers), with your friends and get ready to break the internet!

 Go to Sleep

Description : I created this open source, mostly ad free app, not for the money, but because I saw a problem that needed to be solved. I urge you to look at the source code for this app, available on my GitHub link below. I would be happy if even a person collected my code from the beginning and tried to contribute to this project.


Description : With Bridge, you can not only read them, but do all the same quick steps as the original message, such as Reply, Like, Delete, and more. And with Bridge’s smart two-way synchronization, rejecting a notification on a device – means rejecting it on all selected devices!


Description : With a series of images, Zoetic creates an image of the image’s subject that changes over time. The subject would typically be: A stage that is quite static. For example, a landscape where the pictures show the different seasons, or a construction site that moves from “groundbreaking” to the completion of the building.

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