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French protesters who are angry with the fuel charges are linked with the police

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By Associated Press

PARIS &#821

1; French police fired tear gas and water cannons to spread violent protesters in Paris on Saturday, as thousands gathered in the capital and beyond and staged thousands of police officers deposited nationwide to contain the eighth day of mortal demonstrations that began as protests against tax but turned into a punishment by President Emmanuel Macron and the perceived elite in France’s ruling class. Two people have been killed since 17 November in protest-related tragedies.

Excited conflict at the Champs Elysees that ended at dusk on Saturday, the police shot away with demonstrators who burned plywood, handled posters that read “Death to Taxes” and upward. A big vehicle.

At least 19 people, including four police officers, were a little injured and one person had more serious damage to the accident in Paris, according to the police.

A demonstrator dares the French flag on a burning barricade on the Champs-Elysées Avenue with the Arc de Triomphe in the background, during demonstration against rising fuel charges on November 24, 2018 in Paris. Michel Euler / AP

Macron replied in a highly formulated tweet: “Shame on those who attacked (the police). Shame on those who were violent against other citizens … No place for this violence in the Republic.”

The police said that dozens of protesters were imprisoned for “t hrowing projectiles,” among other actions. At night, Champs-Elysees was smoldering and in Place de la Madeleine lay burned scooters on the sidewalk as a black shell.

“It will trigger a civil war and I, like most other citizens, are all ready,” said Benjamin Vrignaud, 21-year-old protest from Chartres.

“They take everything from us, they steal everything from us “said 21-year-old Laura Cordonnier.

The famous avenue was pointed with smoke of smoke and neon – because of the west’s color, they are self-styled” yellow jackets “protesters. French drivers are obliged to keep neon safety vests in their vehicles

Interior Minister Christophe Castaner said that 8000 demonstrators flooded the Champs Elysees at the top of the demonstration and there were almost 106,000 protesters and 130 arrests in total.

Castaner condemned protesters from the right-hand right, which he called “rebellious” as he accused National Leadership Leader of Marine Le Pen to encourage them.

However, the Ministry of Interior played down the lakan demonstrations by marking up t ill. 280,000 people participated “/>

Image: Protests of France “/>

Protestants stand in front of a fire of protests of yellow vests (Gilet jaunes) against rising oil prices and living expenses near the Triomphe Arc at the Champs Elysées in Paris on November 24, 2018. [19659011] Bertrand Guay / AFP – Getty Images

Unrest appears to be a major challenge for the emblem Macron, suffering from

The leader, who swept to power last year, is a rage for the “yellow jacket” demonstrators which accuses the elite business center and indifference to ordinary French matches.

Macron has hitherto maintained strongly and insisted that fuel tax increases are a necessary pain to reduce France’s dependence on fossil fuels and finance renewable energy investments – a cornerstone of his reforms of the nation. He will defend new plans to make the “energy transition” easier next week.

Paris deployed approximately 3,000 security forces on Saturday, especially around tourist areas, following an unauthorized attempt last week to march at the Presidential Palace Elysee Palace. 19659007] Police officers said that a no-go zone set up around key areas, including the presidential palace and the National Assembly on the Left River, had not been broken.

But the authorities are fighting for the movement to have no clear leader and have attracted a modley group of people with varying demands.

Anger is predominantly an increase in diesel fuel, which has risen seven cents per liter (almost 30 US cents per gallon) and will continue climbing in the next few years, according to Transport Minister Elisabeth Borne. The tax on gasoline is also to increase four euro cents. Petrol currently costs about 1.64 euros in liters in Paris ($ 7.06 per gallon), something more than diesel.

The left-wing leader Jean-Luc Melenchon explained to BFMTV the historical significance of this question in gallic thinking: “When tax no longer agrees that it is the beginning of revolutions in France.”

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