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French President Macron on the G20 slats “You never listen to me” in conversation with Saudi leaders

November 30, 2018 World 2 Views President of France, Emmanuel Macron, Left and Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and…


A silent annoyed French president Emmanuel Macron was heard that Saudi crown prince Mohammed bin Salman “you never listen to me” in a video caught during a break at the current G20 summit Friday.

The comments were made during a private conversation between the two leaders about the murder of Saudi Arabian activist Jamal Khashoggi and the political crisis in Yemen, a French official told Reuters.

“You never listen to me,” Macron hears saying in English

“No, I will listen for course,” says bin Salman, in English, in reply before launching a laugh.

Macron undeterred and continues with conversation, later says “I’m a man of my word”.

Officially told Reuters that the clip showed “some kind of contrast between MbS face who played a shy smile and [French] the president’s face, which was quite strict, and was kee n convey these messages in a very determined way.” [1

9659006] U.S. intelligence officials have allegedly concluded that Mohammed bin Salman must have least known of the act of killing Khashoggi, who had written a few columns for the Washington Post. However, the CIA conclusions have not been published and President Trump has an equality over who will blame.

State Secretary Mike Pompeo told reporters Wednesday the murder was “heinous” and said there was no intelligence linking bin Salman to the Murder.

Bin Salman’s playful nature with Macron seemed later to rub onto Russia’s President Vladimir Putin, caught in another clip as a grinning ear-to-ear, while Saudi leaders gained a strong high.

Pictures of the couple sitting next to each other at the Argentina summit showed them clear agreement – and laughter – about something.

Fox News & Samuel Chamberlain and Adam Shaw contributed to this report.

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