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Freeing bird for a cheap electric scooter

A few months ago, several companies began to use electric scooters on pavements of cities around the United States. These…

A few months ago, several companies began to use electric scooters on pavements of cities around the United States. These scooters were ordinary electric scooters, made in China, loaded with battery packs, motors and a “brain box” that has a GPS device, a mobile modem and some more electronics that make this dumb electric scooter for something you can go via an app. Ejecting electronic waste in cities around the country has not been considered friendly by these municipalities, and at the moment there are hundreds of bird and limescoters on toboggan runs, waiting to be auctioned to the highest bidder.

This is a remarkable opportunity for anyone who can twist a screwdriver and handle a soldering pressure. For just pennies on the dollar you can buy dozens of these scooters, and you can own thousands of dollars in batteries and electronics if you show up for the right auction. [humanbeing21

] on the scooter lumber forums is preparing for the bird poop type, and he has already converted some of these scooters to his personal transport device.

The subject of this transformation is scooters used by Bird, which are in reality Xiaomi MIJIA M365 scooters with some extra electronics to connect to the Internet. The conversion ticket for a bird scooter comes directly from China, costs $ 30 and is obviously a plug-and-play type of deal. The hardest part is finding a screwdriver with the correct security bits, but it’s a problem eBay is more than willing to solve.

Currently, [humanbeing21] is in contact with a towing company that has over one hundred bird scooters on their party, each added daily storage fees. Since these scooters only cost about $ 400 new, we are probably well past the time when it makes sense for Bird to pay to get them out of stock. That means they are likely to be on their way to an auction where someone can collect them – all – for hundreds of dollars or so.

Right now, scooter hacking becomes one of the most interesting adventures in today’s hacking. You have batteries and electronics and engines just sitting there ready to take (and yes, through these auctions you can do it legally). We are looking forward to a future filled with 18650-based Powerwalls from discarded electric scooters and quadricycles built around scooter engines that fill the sky. This is cyberpunk, and we can not wait to see the other builds these scooters will be.

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