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Free Fallout 76 articles for PS4 owners – but hurry up

November 13, 2018 Technology 1 Views If you can feel your apocalyptic expectation grows, it may be because Fallout 76…

If you can feel your apocalyptic expectation grows, it may be because Fallout 76 is ready for launch on PS4, Xbox One and PC on November 14th. If you are a PS4 owner, you can take a handful of free Fallout 76 items right now, whether you’ve pre-ordered the game or not. The items are only available between November 14 and November, so the time expires.

You can download your freebies here. These include three Fallout 76 avatars, as well as a theme for your PS4. An avatar is a Nuka Cola cap, while the other two have the little Vault Boy. He blinks and gives his thumb up in one, holding a shaft-mounted rocket launcher in the other.

The theme covers your PS4 instrument panel with Fallout 76 images. The background shows a close-up of a armored helmet that rests in the dust of a dusty, post-apocalyptic world. In the background is a man and a woman wearing vaults and holding arms. The PS4 system icons are also changed to a fitting jolly yellow style.

While you’re on the page to claim your freebies, you can also sign in to win a copy of Fallout 76 Power Armor Edition – but you have to do it between now and November 13th. This special edition comes with the game, a steel bag, a laptop duffel bag, a portable helmet helmet, a dark world map and a collection of 24 Fallout characters plus additional digital stuff.

Fallout 76’s beta recently ended, with Bethesda promising some tweaks and bug fixes based on feedback from players. Before our last Fallout 76 review goes live, you can read some views of beta and see what bonuses you may be entitled to if you pre-order before November 14th.

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