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Free Android games of Survival Horror to download and to pass it “of fear” in vacations

581 In recent days, Fortnite has played a leading role both among users and among media around the world. In…


In recent days, Fortnite has played a leading role both among users and among media around the world. In a matter of very little time, this title has become one of the most popular in many platforms such as Play Station 4 or XBox. However, its arrival in tablets and smartphones is still in the air in the Android ecosystem despite the fact that in the main catalogs, we can find many similar games that combine action with terror in equal parts.

For those of you who do not want to wait for this title, today we are going to show you a brief compilation with some of the Survival Horror most popular currently on Google Play and in some cases, have a number of features and effects that have nothing to envy the most elaborate works designed for large video game consoles.

1. Eyes- The Horror Game

We open this list with a work in which we will have to fulfill a very primary objective: Survive . At first glance, the task may seem easy but it is not so easy if we take into account that we are in a mansion abandoned, in which a ghost named Charlie and a crazed serial killer nicknamed Krause will follow in our footsteps and try to kill us. A music made to measure for somber and dangerous environments, well worked, is one of the claims of this title that is already on its way to 50 million downloads.

2. Sinister Edge

In the second position of this list of free Android games, we find an example that goes on horseback between Graphic adventures and the Survival Horror in the strict sense. Here, we are back in a luxurious but spooky mansion from which we will have to escape solving puzzles, exploring the rooms and finding clues. Everything will be complicated when we discover that we are not alone and that a strange presence will persecute us. Its strong point, is the fact that it is compatible with virtual reality.

3. Games of survival in pure state

The third in the ranking, is a work that could be very similar to Fortnite. Is about Free Fire , which can also remind us of sagas like “The Hunger Games” and whose argument is simple: We landed in an island in appearance, deserted, but which nevertheless is full of dangers. The most important: Other 50 players They have also reached this site and will try to kill us. Our goal will be to finish all of them and win. To do this, we will not only have at our disposal an extensive map, but also weapons and skills such as digging trenches.

4. The Fear

We closed this compilation with a title that has already achieved 10 million downloads but has been praised and criticized in equal parts. A girl named Marta , begins to do strange things and to charge a terrifying appearance. Your partner decides to put you in a psychiatric in which possibly, it ends up dying. Years later, this girl returns to the world with only one mission: get revenge and put an end to all those who locked her up. His presentation in 8 languages, very successful effects and realistic and dark environments are his letters of introduction.

Did you know any of these examples? Do you think it is possible to find good examples of Survival Horror and action on Google Play? We leave you available related information such as a list of Free Android games to download and use offline so you can know more options of all kinds.

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