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Fox News and other sales outlets join CNN battle for press access to the White House

"Fox News supports CNN in its legitimate effort to regain its White House reporters press release," said Wallace. "We intend…

“Fox News supports CNN in its legitimate effort to regain its White House reporters press release,” said Wallace. “We intend to put an amicus card with the US District Court.”

Wallace added: “While we do not tolerate the growing antagonistic tone used by both the president and the press of recent media, we support free press, access and open exchanges for the American people.”

Fred Ryan, publisher and President of the Washington Post also expressed his support for the measure in a separate statement.

He said on Tuesday night: “We support CNN in its efforts to restore the press information in its white box reporter. It is a journalist’s role to ask difficult questions, keep the powerful account and give readers as much information as possible.” [1

9659002] The post and commendations are included in the amicus letter along with a long list of others.

Wednesday’s statement featured The Associated Press, Bloomberg, First Look Media, Gannett, NBC News, The New York Times, Politico, USA Today, the National Press Club Journalism Institute, the Press Freedom Defense Fund and the EW Scripps Company.

“If today’s news concerns national security, economy or the environment, they report the White House must be free to ask questions. It is imperative that independent journalists have access to the president and his business, and that journalists are not blocked for arbitrary reasons “said the thirteen points of sale in a statement. “Our news organizations support the fundamental constitutional right to question this president or any president. We will submit a left-hand letter to support CNN and Jim Acosta’s trial based on these principles.”

Additional news is likely to log in to the card.

After the initial statement came out, CBS said it intends to submit a card “in support of CNN’s trial to defend its constitutional rights”.

BuzzFeed said it will also be signed.

ABC News said in a statement that “we are standing with CNN to believe that Jim Acosta should get his white house re-entry. We hope this will resolve quickly.”

And the Wall Street Journal said it supports “efforts to restore Mr Acosta’s full access”.

CNN’s target was filed Tuesday morning at the US District Court in Washington, DC. It is scheduled to be scheduled at 3:30 pm Wednesday.

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