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Four Top Tips to Avoid Bad Digestion

Good nutrition is a fundamental part of staying fit and healthy but knowing when to eat and getting on top of your digestion habits is crucial.

Indigestion can make you feel both unwell and bloated, and is generally not pleasant especially if you exercise regularly and lead a busy work life.

As such, here’s four pieces of advice that can help you feel good:

Avoid The Regular Use Of Anti-Inflammatory Drugs

While ibuprofen is a very common anti-inflammatory for treating and relieving pain, too many tablets can cause problems in the digestive process. Excessive use can also lead to ulcerations on the stomach lining and even an ulcer. Taking paracetamol is another option for pain relief and a drug you can take more regularly.

Don’t eat late

It’s a bad idea to eat food right before you’re about to hit the hay. Stop eating two to three hours ahead of sleep, giving your body the chance to digest food properly. Sitting up straight and not slouching will help you avoid heartburn and let your food go down.

Don’t Put Off The Call Of Nature

Constipation is one of the most common problems and many people get it when they ignore the need to use the bathroom. Listen to your body.

Include Fibre In Your Diet

Fibre can be found in foods such as wholegrain cereal, dried fruit, beans and nuts and is important to regulate your digestive system and ensure everything is working correctly.


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