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Fortnite's next big in-game event announced, pray for cube death

Finally. Finally, Fortnite's cube could actually show us what's inside. Epic just announced that players should try to get in…

Finally. Finally, Fortnite’s cube could actually show us what’s inside. Epic just announced that players should try to get in a match on November 4 at 1

pm ET to see the end of Fortnitemares and the beginning of whatever comes next. A few similar in-game events have marked the gradual transition between seasons, the most memorable of which was a live rocket launch that busted a hole in the space-time continuum. Yeah, Fortnite is getting hard to describe.

I’m speculating, though I would be surprised if Kevin the Cube did not explode and scatter itself all over the map this upcoming Sunday, when the event and the end of Fortnitemares are scheduled to take place.

A recap of cube bullshit:

  • Cube is summoned by lightning
  • Cube moves around the map, printing runes
  • Cube melts into Loot Lake
  • Cube lifts house at the center of lake becomes floating island
  • Cube island visits all the runes, juicing ’em up
  • Cube island heads back to Loot Lake
  • Runes float to Cube Island
  • Cube Island sucks juice outta runes
  • Cube island explodes
  • ???
  • Zombies!

While I’m tired of cube stuff, I’m glad zombies were not the cube’s final trick. Players have had mixed reactions to the addition of cube monsters, and while I think any naysayers are cowards the probable departure of the groaning purple jerks with the Fortnitemares event will be welcome as long as Epic plants a flag and changes or adds something else surprising. A quick glance at Twitter or the subreddit reaffirms that Kevin’s time is up. Most Fortnite players can all agree that while the cube began as captivating mystery, its multiple treats across the map in various forms have grown tired.

The cube is getting tired too, it appears, with cracks appearing all over the surface since Fortnitemares began. Sunday will most probably see the end of the cube era and kick off the lead up to the seventh season. Time flies when a cube does stuff forever.

You can bet I’ll be there to see it all go down, either via a live stream or recap with a video after Kevin eats it, assuming Kevin eats it. Please eat it, Kevin.

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