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Fortnite update for iPhone with new weapons and objects


Beyond the appearance of Thanos in the game, we had not seen any news worth mentioning for a while. Fortnite for iPhone . However, in the last few hours, as with their counterparts on PS4 or Xbox, the game is updated with new weapons and objects that try to change the game experience.

The update 4.2 of Fortnite for iPhone has begun to appear in App Store a few hours ago, ending with the period of inactivity that all players have experienced, something classic before a new patch is applied to the Epic Games title. There are two great novelties that come to the game with the Fortnite 4.2 update for iPhone .

New rifle and apples

Epic Games notes that this update has different developments that will improve and evolve over time. The first great addition we found in Fortnite For iPhone are the apples that now appear around the trees as an uncommon element for a small health recovery. In this way the apples of Fortnite they join the first aid kits, the bandages and the elixirs to recover life during our games.

Fortnite update for iPhone with new weapons and objects

The second great novelty are the New Legendary and Epic Burst Assault rifles that use medium ammunition. These epic and legendary burst assault rifles . They can be found on the floors, treasure chests, supplies and vending machines. Maybe they do not become the favorite weapons of the players, but it is still a good option to turn to if you are surrounded by other players. Both weapons have the same range and level of damage reduction as the other assault rifles.

In addition to these objects, patch 4.2 allows customize the HUD on iOS , something that numerous players had been requesting since the game came to the Apple application store with invitation. We also find an increase in server performance that eliminates all kinds of problems, or at least minimizes, when playing online.

In addition to all these developments, classic bug fixes and performance improvements are also included. Although Fortnite It is downloaded from the App Store, the update package 4.2 of Fortnite for iPhone It is downloaded from within the application itself.