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Fortnite Update 6.20 Patch Notes: Fortnight's Event, New Six Shooter, Glider Re-Deploy, and more

Epic has described the content of Fortnite's 6.20 patch, and it's quite essential. The big ticket item in the update…

Epic has described the content of Fortnite’s 6.20 patch, and it’s quite essential. The big ticket item in the update is the launch of “Fortnitemares”, the game’s Halloween theme event. “Explore all the good sweets, exciting appearances and new looks,” says Epic Games about the event. “Under Fortnitemares, you will meet Cube Monsters in a whole new way to play Battle Royale. There are new weapons that strike back on these bulky creatures, such as Six Shooter and Fiend Hunter Crossbow.

” Remove Cube Fiends and Fragments for to pick up the loot and survive against the enemy’s players. “Interestingly, Fortnitemares seems to be blurred between the battle between Battle Royale mode and Save The World mode by giving players zombie-like enemies to ward.

The second major addition to Fortnite’s Battle Royale mode is Six Shooter, a new weapon and The ability to redistribute Gliders. Epic has said that it is currently testing the latter of these two and as a result it is available in all Battle Royale game modes. On Playground there is a new pirate ship minigame as well as “other fun additions” along with changes in Spiky Stage. Take a look at the full Fortnite update 6.20 patch notes below, with permission of Epic.


Social [1

9659006] Th e Social List has been completely transformed. This is the first of many steps towards improving The social experience within Fortnite. Expected more frequent updates and improvements to this experience in the next few weeks. [19659006] The most important social list has gained new art, animations and flow.

  • The Sociallista button has been moved to the left of the screen and can now
  • Controls and Touch Support has been improved.
  • Party Finder has been removed
    • All previous Party Finder features have been moved to the new social list.
    • Places that used to open Party Finder now open the new social list.

Known Issues

  • Fortnitemare’s movie video will not play on the Nintendo Switch platform.

Battle Royale

Time-limited event: Fortnitemares

The Cube returns and takes Fortnitemares to Battle Royale! Release and discover what the cube has released.

  • Cube Fragments spawn Cube Monsters! Drop in and discover the different types.
    • Large cube fragments are located near corrupt areas on the island.
    • Small cube fragments are randomly created by the match.
  • Cube Fiends, Brutes and Fragments have every chance of losing loot.
  • Defeat a Cube Fiend or Brute will give a small amount of shield.
  • Fiend Hunter Crossbow added. Fortnitemare Limited Time Weapon.
    • Available in epic variant. [19659000] 40 bass injury
    • 1.8 shots per second.
    • 4x damage to Fiends
  • Seven arrow magazine sizes, unlimited ammunition.
  • Available from floor coverings, chests and vending machines.


New Port-A grenades are now in vending machines at the southern edge of Loot Lake. The Port-A-Challenge set includes Building Challenge, Obstacle Course and Firing Range mini-games. There are four of each type with varying difficulty.

Spiky Stadium returns with a brand new respawn system and vending machines to provide all the necessary grenades. Finally there is the mini-game Port-A-Pirateship.

  • Port-A-Challenge
    • Obstacle Course
      • Collect the token and avoid the obstacles when you build the building skills.
    • Building Challenge
      • Build the structure as quickly as possible.
    • Firing Range
      • Remove as many dummies as possible within the time limit.
  • Spiky Stadium v2
    • Once within the new Spiky Stadium, players will respond to selected spear points in the game room.
    • Vending machines provide grenades and traps that allow you to customize your game.
  • Port-A-Pirateship
    • A recreation of the minigame shown by SXVXN.
    • Encrypt two large wooden pirate ships.
    • Minigames will share players in two teams, aiming to destroy the second team’s ships.
  • Port-A-Pir Ateship Ironclad Edition
    • Exploded two large metal pirate ships.
    • Grenades and rockets are provided for maximum destruction
  • New sales machines have been added to the map to provide more Traps and weapons. 19659008] A new respawn button has been added to the player’s menu.

Weapon + Articles

  • Six Shooter is added.
    • Available in Unusual, Rare and Epic Variants.
      • 34/36/38 base injury.
      • Slide off the hip for faster fire speed or fire speed for accuracy by aiming down the sight
    • Used Medium Ammo.
    • ] Available from floorboards, coffins and vending machines.
  • Rocket Launcher is now the Pumpkin Rocket Launcher.
    • This is a visual single change.
  • Hand channel balance changes.
    • Increased damage to structures.
      • Epic – From 79 to 150
      • Legendary – From 83 to 157
    • Increased minimum long-distance injury for bodily injury.
      • Epic – From 30 to 50
      • Legendary – From 31 to 52
    • Increased Minimal Long Distance Head Injury.
      • Epic – From 60 to 100
      • Legendary – From 62 to 104
  • Stink Bomb
    • Increased chance to find from golf fleet by 0.2%
      • 19659007]] Increased chance of finding from Chests with 1.7%


    • The Glider Redeploy feature available in Soaring Limited Time Modes can now be used in all game modes. Help us test this feature and announce what you think.
      • When you’re in the middle of the air and over 10m up, press Skip to distribute your swivel.
    • Weapon now updates on respawn in positions that keep the player’s inventory.
    • Storm Changes
      • ] The phase 3 waiting time has been reduced from 120 seconds to 90 seconds.
      • The phase 5 waiting time has decreased from 70 seconds to 50 seconds.
      • Late-lasting movement circles now start immediately traveling to a new location
      • The storm’s maximum damage has been reduced from 10 to 8.
    • Players will now take 2 injuries per second while they are in the menu down but not out instead of 2 damage every other second.
      • Maximum time in the DBNO state is reduced from 100 seconds to 50 seconds if no friendly player tries to revive you.

    Bug fixes

    • Remove the ability to rocket Quad Launcher rockets.
      • Solutions with streaming problems on low-performing iOS devices.


    • Added unique sounds as you cycle through Traps.
    • Remove the sliding sound slider belonging to friendly teammates. [19659008] Reduced volume of Dark Viking sliders.


    • Your name is always displayed on top of your troop list in the game.

    Bug fixes

    • When a challenge bundle is delayed, it will now appear as “Coming soon” instead of “Unlock in 0 seconds.”
    • Chain assignments in the Challenge bundles now show the current search number in the chain over the total number of missions in the chain.

    Art + Animation

    • New variants are added to Musha and Hime Outfits included in the Bushido set.
      • No challenges are required to unlock these variants. If you own the clothes, they will automatically unlock.

    Bug fixes

    • Animals are no longer stuck in the air after the owner drove a vehicle out of a jump.
    • Fixed Quadcrasher Jump Trick Animation Displays
    • Changes in other players’ goals and viewing directions are now smoother, both in games and during replays.


    • Better Handling of Greater Memory Android Devices (6GB +)
    • Custom HUD Layout users can now switch the visibility of the Combat / Build modes.
    • Red – Hidden
    • Green – Visible
    • Blue – Does not affect visibility
    • Buttons appear only when relevant to the player, even if it is set to “visible.”
      • Example: Buttons displayed while holding a weapon will only appear on screen while a weapon is held.
  • Combat / Build quickbar can now be customized in Custom HUD Layout.
    • This includes additional buttons.
  • Players can now edit structures in the cam position while holding arms.

Bug fixes

  • The first weapon picked now automatically auto-automatically.

Fortnite Season 6 has been quite dark and spooky throughout thanks to the theme of “Darkness Rises”. Because of this, many of the new shine and cosmetics are quite unpleasant, like the Dire Wolf skin that develops when you plan it. For more Halloween events in video games, check out our Halloween roundup.

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