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Fortnite sweeps in iOS, will the same thing happen in Android?

If there are two games that are giving talk in recent times, those are Fortnite and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) .…

If there are two games that are giving talk in recent times, those are Fortnite and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) . In addition to their good start in video consoles, they have also made the leap to mobile platforms, where they are assuming a before and after.

Such has been its impact that Fortnite for iOS – still not available on Android – has already raised 15 million dollars in less than a month since its launch and has reached the figure of 11 million users. But when it comes to a mobile game, is it a lot? Is it little?

Well, to give you an idea, according to the data collected by Sensor Tower, the game has already overtaken giants like Candy Crush or Clash Royale in terms of expenses for each player . It is not surprising, therefore, that the game remains at the top of the ranking of games downloaded in regions such as the United States, Spain, Mexico or Argentina.


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According to the source itself, Fortnite could generate an income of 3 million dollars a day once it has been launched on Android and as long as it has a similar reception, something that will almost certainly. In this way it would become one of the fastest growing mobile games in less time.

Will it have the same success in Android?

What remains to be seen is whether users on Android will spend the same money on micropayments, as we know that Apple users spend more on apps . In this case there is no difference between the versions for each operating system, but we do know that those who use Android have not yet changed the mentality and we do not think they’re going to do it to enjoy some improvements in this game.

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In the long run, this could mean that if you do not pay for certain weapons or extras for your character, the rest of the players are better than you and it will cost you more to progress. In this way, If you have an Android and you are not willing to pay to enjoy improvements in the game, it may be a better option to choose to play PUBG , where at the moment there are no micro-payments and all users leave on equal terms.

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