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Fortnite servers are back to work: you can play again

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After the problems registered in the servers of Fortnite Battle Royale , Epic Games has reported a few moments ago that the videogame is available again on all its platforms, including iOS . The repairs have lasted more than 18 hours since they began to experience the first problems that would end up forcing a break in the service and, with this, the impossibility of play Fortnite .

It’s the fashion game. The figures behind it support it. Precisely for that reason the fall of the service produced during the early morning prevented millions of users from taking a game to Fortnite. The developer company began to offer some details in this regard through its account Twitter . The latest messages from a few hours ago predicted that the servers of the gaming platform would be restored shortly.

Fortnite servers are operational again

This has been the case, although with a longer delay than expected. After knowing the mishap of the situation, Epic Games informed users that it stopped the servers to carry out emergency maintenance tasks. Tasks that with the passage of the hours it was known that they were motivated by a critical failure in the database that manages the login in Fortnite.

One way or another, finally Fortnite Battle Royale it is again operational for all its players, including those on iOS devices, whether iPhone or iPad.

Of course, Epic Games has indicated that it postpones the launch of the limited mode 50V50 V2 for a more propitious moment. And is that the company will prioritize to stabilize the operation of servers. The truth is that the firm can not afford drops like those that happened during almost all of today, especially when the latest known statistics speak of an income of around 1.8 million dollars a day only on the iOS platform.