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Fortnite Season 6, Week 8 challenges and how to solve them

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<img src = “×0/2018/11/15/2a841024-5b7e- 4139-a9c8-22957a8dfee3 / s6w8challenges.png “class =” “alt =” sw8challenges [19659010Jason Parker / CNET

Free Challenges

  • Step 1: Visit Lonely Lodge and Retail Row in one match (0/2)
  • Dance with a fishing trophy at different named places (0/7)
  • Sex Shooter or heavy ( 0/2) – Hard

Battle Pass Challenges

  • Get 3 points on different clay pigeons (0/3)
  • Get trick points in a vehicle (250,000)
  • Visit different named places in a single match (0/4) – Hard
  • Step 1: Use Handlebar (0/1) – Hard

Here’s how to do Step 1: Visit Lonely Lodge and Retail Row in a single match

We’ve seen these two-place challenges Previously, they are quite easy to complete by following the instructions. You can try the new food cam mode and hope for a bus route that makes these places available and safe, then proceed with the game. But no matter how you do it, if you focus on this challenge for some games, you should be able to complete it quite easily.

How to dance with a fishing trophy at various named places

The important thing to know about this challenge is, while there may be more than one trophy in one place, it is only counting on the challenge when boogie on different names places. With a happy bus line you should be able to get through a few before the storm begins to close, so it should not take too long to complete.

Here is a map of all fishing trophy sites:



You must dance on seven of these places to meet the challenge.

Jason Parker / CNET

How to Make Six Shooters or Heavy Security Protections

Of course, the bigger challenge here is to find the weapons themselves, but it makes it a little easier to cope with someone’s challenge. If you are aware of the challenge while playing, try to use them exclusively, and you will get this done quite quickly.

How to score a score of three on different clay pigeons shooters

This challenge is one that we have seen before, so we have a map where all the sliders are currently from our sister page, Gamespot:

 fortniteclaypigeonsmap fortniteclaypigeonsmap “height =” 0 “width =” 970 “data -Original = “×0/2018/11/14/4f9e8686-45b5-4d0b-a668-68b7c26401a2/fortniteclaypigeonsmap.jpg” />

fortniteclaypigeonsmap [19659027] If you plan well, you might be able to face this challenge in one game.

Games Kitty

How to get tricks in a vehicle

This will be … tricky (I’ll show you), but you have some options here. The required 250,000 points are a large number of points to get, so you can either go big by getting the most if not the whole amount in a small … or you can spread it out. If you take the conservative way, you can only concentrate on making less tricks away from ramps until you meet the challenge. But if you want to go big, I suggest you take a vehicle, then on your way to a damaged zone and drive over one of the pink volcanoes to get massive air. A couple of spins should do it.

How to visit different named places in a single match

This gets pretty hard, but I like the challenge of it. You can think of it in terms of strategy or just agree with what the map gives you when you jump off the battle bus. Strategically, you can start on the coast and plan to go inwards where there are a number of named places you can go through. I have an eye to start at Junk Junction, passing through Haunted Hills towards Pleasant Park, and ending on Loot Lake. Depending on where the bus is going, choose a similar setup and focus on completing this challenge as your sole purpose in the game.

Here’s how to do Step 1: Use a grip hook

Of course, you have to wait until you find a moving hook, but this challenge looks interesting. You only need to use the item once and just follow the instructions for each step after that.

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