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Fortnite Save World Developer Update – December 4, 2018

Epic Games has provided another developer update for Fortnite's PvE Save The World mode. This developer update is aimed at…

Epic Games has provided another developer update for Fortnite’s PvE Save The World mode.

This developer update is aimed at Canny Valley Act III, Down Tier Crafting, Frostnite and much more. Check out all the details below!

Fortnite patch v7.0 sends Canny Valley Act III. This is intended to package what Epic is called the Stand and Fight campaign. The stand and fight campaign takes the player from the moment they activate Homebase until the first really crucial battle against the storm.

While the Canny Valley Act III will pack up the Stand and Fight campaign, it’s not the end of history in Fortnite. Players still have mysteries to solve, heroes to meet and fight to fight.

Fortnite is not a story of survival, it’s a story about building a better world. If the villain on the map is any indication &#821

1; the players have a long way to go.

Epic believes that the homebase you have built will be a focal point for storytelling for many years to come. The story of Epic Games is hard at work and creates events and stories for new players and older players who have played since day one.

Get ready for a complete blog post with more information.

Players asked for the ability to create schedules in lower levels, Epic is happy to say that this will be added to patch v7.10.

For example, if you have developed a schematic to 3 stars, you will soon be able to create 1 or 2 star versions of the trap or weapon using the same schematic.

If you are on a lower level or just want to save the valuable materials on a higher level for future use, the level of craftsmanship has got your back.

Epic is very excited about this feature and looks forward to your feedback.

The weekends are almost here and that means Fortnite will be on holiday. In patches v7.10, Epic introduces a new location called Frostnite.

You and three friends will fight the storm and the elements. Scavenge resources, build defense, keep your BluGlo oven burning hot; and you can only survive the long, frosty night.

Epic already has a blast in this position and can not wait for players to join the fun.

Epic Games would give the players a backscreen view of something they’ve worked with for the Canny Valley Act III. Check it out …

Sound … Cooling. I wonder why we recorded it?

As always, Epic Games builds this world with players and wants to know what you think. Thank you for joining the match, and see you next time.

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