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Fortnite NFL Skins Removed From Store after less than a week

November 14, 2018 Technology 2 Views [UPDATE] Fort Nite NFL jersey skins have been removed from the game store. If…

[UPDATE] Fort Nite NFL jersey skins have been removed from the game store. If you bought one, you can continue using it, but Epic will no longer sell them. Whether they return ever remains to be seen. Keep checking with GameSpot for the latest. [UPDATE END]

Fortnite introduced only officially licensed NFL jersey skins last week, but they leave the in-game store soon, the developer Epic Games has announced .

You only have one hour left. Take the jerseys as they leave the store tonight (November 13th). They leave the shop at 8 PM EST / 5 PM PST.

You can buy sweaters for all 32 NFL layers and then customize it with a number from 0-99. The shirts cost 1

500 V-Bucks, which cost around $ 15. Within the Jersey category you can choose variants including Strong Guard, End Zone, Gridiron and Spike as a unique style.

In addition to the jerseys, you can purchase various football-related extras such as Whistle Warrior outfit (800 V-Bucks), The Striped Soldier Outfit (800 V-Bucks), Repeat Axle (800 V-Bucks), Golden Pigskin Axes (500 V- Bucks) The First Downer Axle (500 V-Bucks), Touchdown Slide (500 V-Bucks)

The deal between NFL and Epic was probably a lucrative, but it’s not exactly the best look. You can find many examples of social media by people who create representations of controversial NFL characters like Michael Vick with a dog on the back and Aaron Hernandez points to a gun. It’s not clear if Epic removes the NFL jersey skin because of this. It is possible that Epic and NFL had a week’s deal. We also do not know if the jerseys ever come back. Whatever the case, now is your last chance – for now at least – to run around Fortnite in a NFL shirt.

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