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Fortnite for iOS: Squeeze it with these gamepads for iPhone

413 Today both iOS and Android have in their app stores with two games that are breaking all records. In…


Today both iOS and Android have in their app stores with two games that are breaking all records. In Android we have PUBG Mobile , same title that we found in App Store, but overshadowed by the resounding success of Fortnite for iOS . The Android Help mates have already shown us some of the best gamepads to play PUBG with the smartphone and now we do the same thing by listing the best gamepads for iPhone with which to squeeze Fortnite to the fullest.

And is that Fortnite for iPhone it is still an old-school shooter adapted to modern times. However instead of facing bots, as it seems to happen in PUBG, we face other players who can be much more skilled than us. If you want to win your first games of Fortnite , it will be essential to get an iPhone gamepad with which to completely manage the game regardless of the uncomfortable screen controls.

Gamepads to play Fortnite

Mad Catz Micro C.T.R.L.i

The Mad Catz iPhone gamepad imitates perfectly the Xbox One command, cataloged by many as the best option to play shooters as it is, in this case, Fortnite for iPhone . Its prices of 49 euros but we assure you that it is one of the most comfortable ways to play with your Apple device.

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PowerLead Gypo classic G9021

A more economical option, although without renouncing a simulated design, is the gamepad PowerLeap with built-in lithium battery. its price is 20.99 euros and you can find it on Amazon now. A good option if it is your first contact with this type of controllers.

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Ipega PG-9055

This bluetooth gamepad for iPhone is quite different from the previous ones, but adjustable to the phone much more ergonomically. This reduces hand fatigue by adjusting the width of the handle to suit the consumer. Its price on Amazon is 26.98 euros, and it is also on offer.

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Gamevice GV157

iphone gamepad

East gamepad for iPhone is the most expensive of all that we show for play Fortnite on iOS , but maybe the highest quality. Currently it costs more than 80 euros but it may be an option to consider if the accessory goes down in price. This command offers more classic and easily configurable controls for the common players.

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