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We knew that the day would come and finally it has happened. PUBG , a subsidiary of Bluehole, filed a copyright infringement suit against Epic Games, accusing Player Unknows Plagiarism Fortnite BattleGround . Does this situation endanger the arrival of Fortnite for Android or the game itself on iPhone?

It was the PUBG itself that asked a court to determine whether ” Fortnite “Is the result of a copy of” Player Unknows Battle Royale “From the developer. This is the situation that currently exists in Korea, but that could affect the evolution of the game of Epic Games internationally. A PUBG official alleges that the decision to sue the company in January is in violation of copyright.

Fortnite for Android in danger? PUBG sued Epic Games

Fortnite for Android in danger? PUBG sued Epic Games

The demand does not refer to the PUBG that we all know, the “Battlegrounds”, which has become a great success in the market that led to the PUBG Mobile that we all know today and that you can download now Android . When Fortnite The game was released for the first time only had the mode “Save the world”, in which players build walls and defend against waves of undead, but the thing changed in September last year. So Epic Games He added the “Battle Royale” mode for free to the game, which provoked a huge controversy and accusations of plagiarism that end up in a court today.

The Korean company added that it was unfortunate that Epic Games, former partner of Bluehole, has launched a game as similar to PUBG. Recall that both Fortnite as Battlegrounds they consist of a game of survival where you must go through a map in search of a weapon and other accessories to be the only one that comes out alive from the place, to the purest ethyl Battle Royale by Takeshi Kitano.

What will happen to Fortnite for Android?

At the moment the launch of Fortnite for Android is scheduled for summer of this year and it does not seem that this judicial controversy will affect either the game version for the Google operating system or Fortnite for iPhone . In these situations usually ends up with a fine or nothing at all, so at the level of the player, nothing should change from now on.

However, we will continue to pay close attention to the evolution of Demand from PUBG to Epic Games for the alleged plagiarism of Fortnite .