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Fortnite fan creates incredible realistic trailer for season 7

December 2, 2018 Technology 0 Views Fortnite fans switching to the beginning of season 7 are looking for leaks of…

Fortnite fans switching to the beginning of season 7 are looking for leaks of what’s going on – usually falling for fake videos and screenshots.

As Fortnite Season 7 hype continues to build up, the leather’s fake leakage, charging screens and trailers for what’s about to come.

In a video published in Reddit, the supposed trailer shows characters on the island before switching to displaying a portal called in the sky by two-wizard as a player.

Other players around them jump in shock and look at the sky to see what can only come out of these portals. However, their shocks are surprised when snow begins to fall. The addition of snow is easy because the new season has been built around the winter theme &#821

1; with the battle ending in December and the start of the Winter Royale tournament.

While the video looks real enough, there is much speculation that it’s actually just a good done fake.

It is likely that there is some sort of snow storm that hits the current map in season 7. But fans who have bought in this leak will be disappointed to know that Epic Games usually does not contain these trailers in the game until the date of the release of the update.

Furthermore, this “leak” does not contain icebergs that have slowly received inwards towards the Fortnite map. Eagle-eyed fans who monitored the iceberg’s progress noted that a castle structure could be seen peering out. The lights have now started and show that the building is busy, which has only increased to the tension.

The current Battle Pass expires on December 5, which means that the last season will not be too far behind.

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