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Ford Cranes Bryan Cranston For The Swagger-Filled US Campaign | marketing Strategy

Ford is trying to get his mojo back and calls on Bryan Cranston to help get the job done. The…

Ford is trying to get his mojo back and calls on Bryan Cranston to help get the job done. The car manufacturer obsessed this year with a falling stock price and reviewing its strategic focus, has dropped the star to a star in a swagger-filled campaign called “Built Ford Proud”.

The American campaign, which begins to run on television this weekend is the debut initiative for Ford by Wieden & Kennedy New York. The independent store recently participated in the automaker’s roster together with Omnicom BBDO as part of a major agency review which led to the closure of the existing WPP Global Team Blue agency.

The ads are injected with more attitude and braggadocio than the latest Ford marketing. By weaving historical images with futuristic scenes, Ford tries to claim its 1

15-year history as a strength at an age when starting as Tesla has caught the attention of the nation.

A 60-second site presents Cranston moving through various scenes and roles, including a lecturer on a Ted Talks-like forum, a president and an android. Futuristic transport scenes are woven with old pictures of a Ford factory. “Talk does not get things to do, build it,” says Cranston before concluding: “Let the other guys continue dreaming about the future. We will build it.” Soundtracket, an orchestral tire of Rolling Stones ‘Paint It Black’, reminiscent of Model T lore and a quote attributed to Henry Ford: “You can have any color as long as it’s black.”

Cranston has previously made voiceovers for Ford ads, but this is the first time he has appeared on camera for automaker.

In interviews, Ford executives denied saying that the campaign was a direct shot at the electric car market driver Tesla, whose brash-talking CEO Elon Musk has the knack to draw attention, good and bad. But the consequences of the new campaign are clear: When it comes to talking about future transport, Ford is sick to take the back seat of the new guys in the neighborhood.

“Our strategy is really to regain our swagger and leadership credentials by being publicly proud of what makes us Ford,” said Matt VanDyke, Ford’s US Marketing Manager, in a phone call from Las Vegas where the automaker this week showed the campaign to more than 3000 retailers. “We have not always talked with this tone.” He added: “We believe you can rely on a company that has been built … for 115 years to continue in the future, and that’s the message we wanted to come out. “

A TV ad is reset on Ford’s logo, recording the company’s family-run legacy, while opposing companies that are the” result of a merger “, which can be shot as a shot on Ford’s Fiat-Chrysler.

Another ad is more jovial and shows a lot of Ford trucks rushed down the highway that hung everything from building equipment to a huge Big Boy statue. “No matter what party you’ve been to back, we deal before, “boasts a voiceover.

The campaign is supported by a major media investment that includes buying in National Football League games and primetime and late night television shows. The company focuses on 2.5 billion media reports, says executives. Home page ads start running this weekend in the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times and the Washington Post. One of the print ads causes Ford’s historical achievements, like revolutionizing the assembly line, to change.

New agency model, major organizational changes

The campaign comes as Ford undergoes major organizational changes, including providing North America’s sedan operations to focus on more popular SUVs, crossovers and trucks while plowing more money for electric cars and hybrids . Ford also targets $ 150 million in “annual efficiency,” as part of what it describes as a “more flexible marketing model.” But investors have been less than impressed. The company’s share price earlier this month fell below $ 9 and reached its lowest closing price since 2009. The stock fell to $ 8.51 on Thursday’s closer to a wider market decline that saw the Dow drying by more than 300 points.

Ford announced its new agency model earlier this month, astonishing many industry observers with the choice of BBDO as leading global branding agency. Wieden & Kennedy was appointed as a creative and innovation partner for specific projects, while the GTB was held to handle assignments including shopper marketing and retailers advertising. W & K has been working on the “Built Ford Proud” campaign earlier this year when it took up the mission.

Many questions remain about how W & K and BBDO will work together, but it is now clear that the Wieden campaign will put creative direction in the United States in the foreseeable future. “BBDO can provide its creative ability and really build on this campaign for us in the United States,” said Joy Falotico, Ford CEO and global chief marketing manager.

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