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For defense against active shooters, Mich. School Hands Out Hockey Pucks: NPR

Hockey pucks: They are small, heavy and – a Michigan college believes – could be the perfect weapon against an…

Hockey pucks: They are small, heavy and – a Michigan college believes – could be the perfect weapon against an active shooter on campus.

Oakland University, a public school in Rochester Hills, near Detroit, distributes thousands of 94-cent hockey picks for just that reason.

The breakdown, which began earlier this month, derives from a training session in March in the faculty after February shooting at a Parkland, Fla., Gymnasium, which left 17 dead.

A participant in the education asked Oakland University police chief Mark Gordon what things people could use to defend themselves on campus, which has a policy without weapons, the Detroit Free Press reports.

A hockeypuck was an “effort for the moment that seemed to have some benefits for it and it was kind of caught on,” Gordon said.

Faculty Federation followed up the idea and bought 2500 hockey picks: 800 for union members and 1

700 for students, Free Press reports.

The school performs active shootings several times a year, teaching in the Run, Hide, Fight method that emphasizes floating an active shooter situation, especially hiding if refugee is not an option – and fighting for hiding nor.

Fighting with a hockey puck or otherwise should be “an absolute last strategy,” Gordon told Free Press .

“If you threw [a hockey puck]] at a gun it would probably cause damage. It would be a distraction, unless otherwise, Gordon told WXYZ, a local ABC station.

The police chief also suggested that a group students could “hurry” an active shooter with their pucks, creating a distraction that allows someone else to take care of the shooter’s weapon.

Not everyone on campus was aboard this vision. 19659002] “If I would give you a puck, and I had a gun, could I take you out? “Five-year student Jacob Gora told WXYZ with a laugh.” Simple, yes, I mean, a puck will not distract me or prevent me from shooting anyone. “

” If there is an armed robbery, why would you chuck a puck on them? “echoed third-year student Adam Kalajian.” I find it absurd. “

The little black discs are intended for more than just self-defense.

They are emblazoned with a number of sensors that can join

Oakland University Student Magazine, Oakland Post wrote in March that the school has locks “on the outside, not inside” of the university’s online donation. classroom.

The university community has attempted to raise money to lock since Parkland’s shooting. Together with purchase pockets, the Faculty Association donated donation to $ 5,000 against lock.

“Over time, come are we doing this, “says Tom Discenna, a professor of university professor and faculty federation in October.

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