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Focals AR glasses look like ordinary glasses – BGR

Google failed to put a computer on the face, but that does not mean we're ready to see companies try…

Google failed to put a computer on the face, but that does not mean we’re ready to see companies try to create such devices. And the more technology goes forward, the more discreet devices are expected to be. Apple develops enlarged eyewear that will work with iPhone, but Apple happens to be just one of the major players in the industry that is expected to deliver AR glasses soon. The AR glasses above come from a Canadian start called North, and look like regular glasses. They are even less eye-catching than Snap’s Spectacles.

North Focals are available for pre-order for $ 999, which is not exactly affordable. They come with recipes or prescription lentils, but you need a meeting to match your pair in either case.

Image Source: North

A projector placed inside the frame will radiate the contents of your retina, which explains why the focusses look almost like ordinary glasses.

Image Source: North

As for the type of AR content that Focals will deliver, you can expect things like messages, calendar updates, reminders, weather information, Amazon Alexa, and turn for swing navigation. A smartphone is required to handle the actual data that illuminates the eyes, and the focals will connect to your phone via Bluetooth.

As you can see, there is no camera on Focals, which means you will not be able to capture or record video clips. It was one of many unpleasant Google Glass features that people complained about.

Image Source: North

To check the AR elements that will pop up on your retina, you need Loop, a ring that comes with the glasses to let you navigate menus. In addition to Loop, $ 999 gets you a charge drop, as well as Focals Services and Sun Clips.

The fonts are available in two versions, including Classic and Round, and three color options (Black, Tortoise and Gray Blekna). You can enter meetings in Brooklyn or Toronto Showrooms to pre-order with the first prescription-free devices to be sent by the end of the year. Prescription Focals will be available next year.

Image Source: North

Focals certainly provide an interesting way to interact with a phone without actually pulling it out of pocket or handbag. But only time will tell if North will be able to compete against similar products that will inevitably be launched by different smartphone manufacturers in the next few years.

Image Source: North

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