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Florida Voting Issues, New Beto O'Rourke Ad and Scenes From the Final Day Before the Midterms

"I thought we were only calling supporters," said one volunteer for the Walters campaign, sounding confused. "I think I just…

“I thought we were only calling supporters,” said one volunteer for the Walters campaign, sounding confused. “I think I just gave a Democrat instructions on how to find his polling place.”

“That’s okay,” the woman sitting next to him tried to reassure him, encouraging him to move quickly to the next call. “That’s called being a good citizen.”

– Jennifer Medina

A jaw-dropping email from Christian Conservatives

FORT STOCKTON, Tex. – If you do not vote Republican on Tuesday, you’re a sinner.

That was the message in a jaw-dropping email that the ultra-conservative Texas Pastor Council sent to its supporters on Monday.

“The Numbers of Early Voting show a massive surge of anti-life, anti-family, socialist voters in the final days and leading into tomorrow’s Election Day, “the email began, adding,” We are going out on a limb and declare that any Christian Who is eligible to vote and does not do it is not only sinning but has the blood of murdered babies, the rise of perversion and obscenity and the demise of freedom squarely on their heads. “

The pastors, if anything, made it clear just how panicked some Christian conservatives have become this election season. They warned that the “insane, god-hating tyranny” destroying the West Coast could arrive in Texas, adding, “Such a dark chapter is going to be written because too many of our godly, Christ-loving church voters were too busy or cared too little to simply vote for governing leaders like US Senator Ted Cruz, Attorney General Ken Paxton, Congressman John Culberson and many others who lost because Hollywood and George Soros out performed God’s people. “

The email was sent by the group’s executive council, including Dave Welch, its executive director, and Pastor Steve Riggle of Grace Community Church in Houston, two prominent and politically active Christian conservatives in Texas. Mr. Welch, Pastor Riggle and others in the group have been vocal opponents of gay and lesbian rights.

– Manny Fernandez

Heitkamp bets on the middle

BISMARCK, N.D. – With less than 48 hours to go, Senator Heidi Heitkamp, ​​considered the most endangered red-state Democratic Senator, is leaving it all in the middle of the road.

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