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Florida State Fucked

October 28, 2018 Sports 1 Views Photo: Joe Robbins (Getty) The Florida state lost to Clemson, 59-1 0, on Saturday…

Photo: Joe Robbins (Getty)

The Florida state lost to Clemson, 59-1

0, on Saturday and the 49-point deficit linked to the worst margin in FSU history. Obviously it was an assault park. But how bad was that? This bad one.

More about that guy in a minute. Since the loss was also bad enough for the first year’s head coach Willie Taggart suggests that some Seminoles players had stopped:

“It can not be tolerated,” said Taggart in his comments. “One thing you can not do, you can not stop. You end up, you do not play. So we have to do a good job to make sure we have the right guys. Did not play well at all. It’s on me and our coaches and our players and everyone who is here, and we need to find a way to get it right. “

Seminoles are 4-4 overall, 2-4 in the ACC Atlantic, before just Wake Forest and Louisville. Taggart had been patronized last month after FSU was dumped by Syracuse. But this remodeling can be a bit harder than he thought.

Now back to the sleepless guy like an ABC tv camera could read a book when the score was 52-3 in the third quarter. Athletics Tashan Reed dared out and talked to the guy. Visas is his name Bruce Thyer, and he is a professor at the FSU College for Social Work. Thyer described himself as a profound fan who came to the match with her 18-year-old daughter, an FSU sophomore and four of her friends. The group sat in the shadow, where the air was cool. But after the daughter and her friends left half-time, with Seminoles back, 28-0, Thyer decided to work on his tan and break his book, which he told Reed was a mystery novel by Gone Girl, author Gillian Flynn . The book’s title? “Dark Places.”

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