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Flat Earth Convention: Denver hosts conspiracy theorist

The earth is a sphere. Pythagoras and Aristotle said so much a thousand years ago, and if you just ask…

The earth is a sphere.

Pythagoras and Aristotle said so much a thousand years ago, and if you just ask about adult spaces (or children) what form the planet is, hear the same answer.

But not about this room is full of participants at the second annual Flat Earth International Conference, held this week in Denver, Colorado, to bring together globs skeptics from around the world. Hundreds of flat-earth conspiracy theorists came out for the two-day event, KDVR reports.

“Watch Your Own Eyes,” said Dorothy Novak, a flat-earth believer, according to the television station. “Going out to the beach on a cloudy day. Are the clouds bent?”

The participants were taken to the collection for a complete schedule of presentations, debates and discussions &#821

1; ranging from “Flat Earth Women” to “Flat Earth & the Moon.” But perhaps more than anything, conference merchants flocked together hoping to find like-minded thinkers on Thursday and Friday at Crowne Plaza Hotel near Denvers Airport.

“I’m not ashamed,” said conference colleague Rick Hummer, encouraging participants to sing along with him on Thursday, the Denver Post reported. “I’m not ashamed of insanity. I’m not ashamed of insults.” I’m not ashamed of insults. “

A speaker at the convention, the YouTube personality Rob Skiba, offered a warning to those who question the conspiracy theory on which the convention is based, according to the post .

“Never forget,” Shiba prevailed, “we used to be you.”

Charles Whitehead came from New Jersey to the conference and said he initially believed that the flat earth theory was absurd – until he heard the rapist BoB question it overwhelming scientific consensus on the matter, according to the post.

Now Whitehead is a flat Earther.

“My family is cheating on me. They say I’m stupid or I’m crazy,” said Whitehead. “I want to be around people like me.”

BoB is the scream of Bobby Ray Simmons, Jr. , who proposed in a string of tweets in 2016 that he believes the earth is flat

“Many people are offset with the phrase” flat soil “… but there is no way you can see all the evidence and do not know .. “grow up,” the rapper tweeted, according to The Guardian. “No matter how high in height you are … the horizon is always eye height … sorry cadets … I would not believe it either.”

The rapper was quickly tricked : There are many ways to prove that the earth is round and you do not have to be a scientist to understand them.

For one thing, the earth throws a round shadow on the moon under eclipses as Neil deGrasse Tyson pointed out last year when he posted a photohopped image on Twitter that shows the moon with a flat earthy sku

Popular stories from the Miami Herald

Popular science lists ten simple evidence that the earth is round, including the fact that ships traveling away from viewers seem to disappear from the bottom first, which is due to the earth’s curvature. Other indicators include the shape of the moon and the other planet – allround.

Last year’s planetary earth convention was held in Cary, North Carolina, reported News & Observer – and it was sold out, with about 500 participants. [19659002] “Flat-Earthers believe our planet is Frisbee-shaped, hovering in space,” wrote News & Observer Josh Shaffer. “The North Pole is in the center and Antarctica runs around the edge of a ring and prevents anyone from falling off. All photographs considered to have been taken from space are computer generated images or shot through a fishing eye lens.”

Google is interested in the keyword “flat ground” began to pick up in 2015 and 2016, especially around the time BoB tweeted about the conspiracy theory, according to a trends from Google. Interest remains high for this day, as well as interest in other lost conspiracies as chemists, Newsweek reported.

Robbie Davidson from Kryptoz Media compiled the Denver collection, post reports.

“If my future I came to me and said we would have a conference with so many people, I would have hit myself,” he said according to the newspaper.

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