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Flash Season 5, Episode 3 Recap, Review: The Death of Vibe

Dear Cisco Ramon, for "The Dust of Vibe" sounds like it may be bad news for you. Now that the…

Dear Cisco Ramon, for “The Dust of Vibe” sounds like it may be bad news for you.

Now that the big bad in this season The Flash has made his presence felt, it’s unlikely that it will take a week to go without being right at the thick things. The problem with Team Flash is that nobody knows much about anything about Cicada.

Aside from Nora West-Allen, maybe it’s something, or did she really see that week?

Flash Season 5, Section 3 Tour: “The Dust of Dust”

Let’s check out the Flash Museum in 2032. Nora says it was part of the museum that always scared her, and of course it was about Cicada. Today she has bad news: Flash has never caught him. Nor did the Supergirl, the legends or the league. Hi, what league? Insert thinking face mood here. Even worse, he’s early, as in Cicada has proved too early in history. Nora says she has a plan, surprisingly Iris.

Elongated Man follows a robbery with a guy using a high-tech solar-powered gun of any kind. Meanwhile, Nora’s plan is to use Harrison Wells to catch Cicada &#821

1; but which? They first try the German wells from Harrison’s advice, and although Cisco is not fond of thought, he proves to be both kind and helpful and suggests another Wells to help. Harrison “Sherlock” Wells at your service.

When Cicada sharpened his lightning ball, it’s safe to stare at Vibe’s images.

Sherloque, as it actually spelled, seems to be the real deal and in a rather funny sequence, he shows a quick study and very attentive reveals some details that we did not even know (Iris has a tattoo that she covered up from a former lover?). He does not work for free, and while Team Flash agrees to pay his fee, Sherloque and Ralph do not end up with that. Ralph goes out to help Caitlin confront her mother, who quickly dismisses her daughter when asked about her dad. Still, Ralph is sure she’s lying.

Visas Detective Wells has figured out something important right away and reveals that Cicada is a man named David Hersch. Or is he: Although the Flash and XS house check out are booby-caught, forcing daddy to save daughter, they get the guy to fly it a bit too easily. And it sounds like Cicada stalking Joe West instead. Oh dear.

See, Barry knows what’s happening. He is not sure Hersch is the right guy, even though he is Cicada in the series. We see he’s right soon when Cicada confrontes Joe and searches for Vibe, and when Joe will not call the hero, Cicada turns him out, or it seems.

At the same time, in the show’s second plot, Caitlin and Ralph return to and break into her mother’s office at night. They find what appears to be a suicide letter, which only deepens the mystery of her dad.

There is another twist that also comes. Sherloque explains that the reason he was so sure that Cicada was Hersch is that he has already captured Cicada on 37 other soils, and it was always Hersch every time. So what’s different from Earth-1? Maybe Nora is bothering the timeline, Iris opines. Unfortunate, Nora wants to throw Earth-1 Hersch in the pipeline until he talks, and when Barry does not say absolutely, she walks into a huff. You’re grounded, young lady!

The actual Cicada is nowhere threatening the bound Joe, who refuses to be betrayed to attract the Vibe. Then the villain begins to shoot him with red flash from his dagger. As you do.

Since Barry has not had anything to tie up yet, he now blamed for Nora’s obsession with Hersch and Cicada. Iris explains that Nora carries a lot of debt and she has almost more to shake when it appears that Sherloque has evaporated in the pipeline (he’s actually good and just failed to die to avoid paying Team Flash back). Everybody leaves comfortably so Barry and Nora can have this week’s Big Talk ™, which mostly hills down to him and tells her to think before she acts.

Ralph apologizes to Caitlin to shoot her into the discovery of her father’s suicide letter, but she says there is no reason to say he is sad because he helped her get closure.

The situation at the West House becomes more complicated when Cecile wakes up and finds her husband in a difficult problem. Even though she can hear Joe’s thoughts saying she does not need to call for help because that’s what Cicada wants, she panickes when the bad guy hears the baby crying and hits the panic button on her phone. Vibe comes first, but Cicada tackles him back by breaking a split second before Flash arrives.

Although Sherloque is actually found useful for finding the forest where Vibe has been transported, it is not enough to keep him from feeling Cicada’s dagger. The flash turns out and immediately his speed has cleared and causes him to hit Cicada. But after thinking about it for a second, XS has an idea that involves one of the power thingies from the pipeline. It helps her get the killer whack, but when she throws it to Vibe to use herself, the bad guy hurts back on him, and there’s an explosion that seems vain Cisco. Cicada shows up some crazy hops by jumping a crazy distance straight, just blotting, and we soon learn that Vibe is okay. Nora really saved the day as it turns out. Huzzah!

When Team Flash regroups, we find out Wells sticker around. Barry and Iris also invite Nora to move in with those whom she reluctantly agrees to do.

There is still a mystery to solve, but it means that the notes of Caitlin’s father left. Although these notes look like gibberish, there’s actually a hidden code in them, one that spells out “CAITLIN WILL FIND ME.” And who is the man who watches Caitlin on a lot of screens? Monitor, are you?

Joe has his own eureka moment and says Cecile believes he believes Cicada is a father. It’s on the money, and even if a doctor tells him he has to stop, he says he can not “until he’s done.” He kisses a girl in a coma on the forehead.

Final scentid: Sherloque wants to talk to Nora and ask if she came to the decision to beat the satellite with her dad. He laughs at it, but her expression as she walks away suggests that he touched a nerve, and his serious appearance reinforces that thought. Intriguing.

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Final thoughts

See, no one really thought Cisco was a goner who gave the episode, but the authors did a great job fall out as an opportunity. The mystery of Cicada was deepened, and we received our first confirmation that Nora’s presence in the present (heh) has had some consequences, which is only meaningful. Sherloque Wells is a fun addition to the mix as well, or he may be as long as he has more layers to shave.

Still the most significant events in this section are the shady figure that looks at Caitlin and a bit at the end. They can be very well connected, and they may be linked to this year’s crossover, which would be a very exciting aspect.

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