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Fixed After Huskers won fistfight with Michigan State

(Photo: Bruce Thorson, USA In DAY Sport)You knew an hour before the game as your breakfast decided what was due…

(Photo: Bruce Thorson, USA In DAY Sport)

You knew an hour before the game as your breakfast decided what was due to two things: It was a cold and relentless wind in Lincoln and no view on JD Spielman in a uniform.

It’s not the recipe that Huskers would like to take to family dinner and then you knew as a toe-matched ball with a 11-degree wind chill that this was a day where the style had no chance.

Then drag on your worn carhartt pair and get ready for a potential fistfight with the visitors.

It was that kind of game – really the kind of game Michigan State coach dreamed up the night before. And yet Nebraska hit back. It was a special Senior Day scene in the snow. Do you want it ugly? Nebraska will take this kind of ugly all day.

And in fact, it was not foul for Erik Chinander’s defense and Barret Pickering. They have both been injured. They won Nebraska in this game.

Here are some thoughts without manuscript with much more postgame coverage to come.


How about Pickering kicking into your hearts?

Three to three, with a 47-yarder in the snow who had plenty of legs. It was doubtful about the real beginner, but he won a lot of points on Saturday.

He got all nine points for Huskers.

We will not call him Alex Henery or anything yet, but the gentle man who most would never know is on the team if they saw him at Target every hour. You must love sports, right?

Erik Chinander’s defense has taken its share of guff, but they stood high and time again in this.

Even when they did not break, like a curious passive conversation at Lamar Jackson at the last run, they rose to meet the moment.

Michigan State Defense was what we thought it was – talented and tough. Nebraska Defense was as tough in this game.

I will repeat myself later, but what free play by Antonio Reed on Senior Day.

This is a guy who has had some uneven moments this season – like the unsportsmanlike behavior at the end of the Colorado game.

But he was a game changer in this game. He had a pick and forced a fumble and was over the entire field and made hard knocks. His forced fumbling on a flash was exactly the game that Nebraska needed in a game where there were points to be a match, which gave Huskers the ball on MSU 20.

Reed is a guy who can run hot and the fact [19659003] The lack of a TD after fumble recovery will kill this crime in film review.

After the perfect third and second time, 9 run cold to Devine Ozigbo who caught Spartans from duty, Nebraska had first and second goals on 2. And then …

Got filled. Tried to sneak a tight finish but got nothing. Looked for Morgan but the throw was turned off. Would it have been a flag? Perhaps.

But it was disappointing that Huskers could not drive that fast. Michigan State Run Defense was just as advertised.

Frost made a big decision before half started, and it may have won the game.

Michigan State took the ball to start the third quarter. Frost also gave them the wind and saved it for their team in the fourth quarter.

His defense rewarded him immediately with a 3-out and Nebraska got the ball on his own. 46.

The conditions of the wind between 15 and 20 mph and gusting up to 33 mph reminded me a lot about when Huskers played in Iowa City 2012.

In these games, you sometimes try to just stay in the quarter, go to the wind and take advantage of when you get it. Mark Dantonio even called a timeout so he could go a third down with the wind in the back in the first half to give an idea of ​​how much it was on the coach’s minds.

Nebraska received a draw against the wind by the third quarter, with the score still 3-0, and then could hold in there and keep Spartans in a field on a run blowing into the fourth quarter. Overall, Frost’s decision turned out to be a victory. If you had told him in the half he would be 6-0 by 12:13 left and the wind on the back, I guess he would have taken it.

It was a third -and-1 fail as really injured Nebraska.

It was after the Husker offensive did a very nice job to get out of his own end, and got Stanley Morgan’s first catch of the game in the middle of the third quarter to move it from his own 2. [19659003] But on a third and one from 41, when it looked like Devine Ozigbo might start to go, Huskers became filled. Now, NU did the job of changing fields on the device. However, a conversion could have helped drain for at least one minute or two or more from the third quarter, which now played against the wind.

You wondered if it would cost the Nebraska game at that time.

Michigan State tight end Matt Dotson costs his team some big points.

He released a touchdown pass that would have made it 10-0 early in the fourth quarter. It was in the same end zone where he received a penalty of 15 yards in the second quarter, driving his team into a tougher goal they missed.

Upload it and there are probably seven dots by mistake on two gigs. 19659003] Stanley Morgan was patient and received the career reception record.

A deserved reward for a player who has always worked with his tail even through bad results.


Huskers fumbled and did not end.

It’s the nicest way to explain the first 30 minutes. The Spartans hit hard, and Huskers hit the ball four times and lost two. One came in the midfield and another entered his own 25. Suboptimal.

Although he went minus-two in sales, Huskers had twice two driving beds on fourth drops that were killer. One made all the way to Michigan State 27. Frost went for the fourth and five against the wind, but Martinez had nowhere to go and his passport became rude to the grass.

It’s the second fourth down fail It will hurt Martinez more. On a fourth-and-8th of 33, Stanley Morgan broke open. Brutal day to throw the ball, but Huskers got exactly what they want. It’s six if the throw is on goal. It was well bothered.

It followed another missed opportunity on the game just before it. At one third and 9 Huskers had run a QB draw. It was a really good conversation. They had the Michigan State beat if … snap to quarterback is better and Boe Wilson gets a better block on his man. The missed block made a potential big winner to a one-man.

They could not get Morgan to go.

And it was not like Huskers did not throw it. Threw threw the ball 22 times and ran it 14 times in the first half. But NOW just filled nine of these passports and no one was number 8, which is a shame because Morgan is exactly the kind of guy that a defensive back does not want to try to deal with on a day like this.

Would Nebraska be able to drive it more?

Maybe, considering Martinez, only 9 out of 22 for 74 meters were under the conditions in the first half. Devine Ozigbo carried it eight times for 33 meters.

To defend the play task, Michigan State is the top defense in the country and Huskers also thinks that if they can pop one or two big passports, it can make all the difference.

Regardless of, Michigan State Defense was not overcooked this week. They are physical and average, and sometimes a little dirty. They would be tough on a 65-degree day without clouds in the sky, not to mention one with these conditions.

The biggest sign of respect for spartan defense came in the end of the first half: Some Husker fans were released their balloons by 1:35 left in half and 0 still on the board for Nebraska.

The Husker defense proved to be ready for a blueprint.

They gave 129 meters in the first half and had kept the Michigan State less than 100 before the last unit.

Keep the Spartans to 0 after Martinez fumbled basically in the red zone was huge in a game such as this.

Antonio Reed, in particular, stood out against me. He came to beat, and fired a fumble that almost led to a big Nebraska takeaway deep in MSU territory. Huskers could not just get the theft that the Michigan state did.

And if there is a third and 8, they will want to return at the end of the half, where Huskers drops Rocky Lombardi for 24 to retain Michigan State from pointing it back to Nebraska deep at its own.

It was one of the great big games. The Quarterback Run game continues to be a pleasure for Nebraska.

But it’s hard to agree with what Erik Chinander group did the first two quarters when holding a team to just three points.

Officials lost control of this for a while.

It’s going to be too chippy, flagging things do not have to be flagged and do not throw anything at stake that seemed as safe penalties – like when Stanley Morgan deep into the chalk on Michigan state the sideline at a return.

Then they called an abusive behavior on Mo Barry when he tried to remove a Spartan who just sat on the Dicaprio Bootle. Let this be seen as a part Homerific rant, I wonder why they had to flag Michigan State tight end for a little chirping after a third down incompletion later in the series.

Big talk, because it forced the Spartans back 15 meters and the subsequent field goal went outside the finish line.

These calls made the home players all riled up. And the game had a bit of a Nebraska-Miami 2014 feel for it in how the two sides did not seem to care about each other either.

What’s next?

Probably another Brawl in the cold in just six days. But Nebraska will meet this week in pretty good spirits. There is a chance to win five of the last six. And the trust is high. (F, b, e, v, n, t, s) {if (f.fbq) return; n = f.fbq = function () {n.callMethod? n.callMethod.apply (n, argument): n.queue.push (argument)} if (! f._fbq) f._fbq = n; n.push = n; n.loaded = 0 ;! n.version = & # 39; 2.0 & # 39 ;; n.queue = []; t = b.createElement (e); t.defer = 1; t.src = v; s = b.getElementsByTagName (e) [0]; s.parentNode.insertBefore (t, s)} (windows, documents, “script”, “https: //');
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