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Five takeaways from NBA opening week

Klay Thompson and Warrior's shooter broke out during a busy opening week in the NBA. Tim Bontemps National reporter focused…

Klay Thompson and Warrior’s shooter broke out during a busy opening week in the NBA.

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The first week of the 2018-19 NBA season is official in the books.

It was also an eventful multi-final finish, a great time skirmish (including scoring over tips) and several surprising stars around the league.

Here’s a quick look at five things we’ve learned now that the first six days of NBA action this year are complete:

1. Lakers are as we thought they were

By two games, things have been largely held in the form we expected from the Lakers before the start of the season. They will fight almost all opponents, they will get out again by almost all opponents, and they have a team full of inconsistent three-point shooters.

For that purpose, the Lakers won the quick break pointing the battle in each of their first two games, were out-rebounded in each of them and shot 15-for-62 (24.2 percent) from the depths. The result is that they are now 0-2, and will be without Brandon Ingram for the next four games and Rajon Rondo for the next three after they were suspended Sunday.

Heaven does not fall in Los Angeles. The Lakers should be better when the season is developing and their many new pieces have time to gel. But through those who open two matches, the expected forces and weaknesses have shown.

(An additional note for the players out there – has won in each of the first two Lakers games. Because they seem to play at a breakneck pace on a nightly basis, this could be a smart move forward).

2nd The Warriors Can not Shoot

By three games, Stephen Curry is 16-in-34 from a three-point range. Well, right?

Well, through three games, all Golden State Warriors, not named Stephen Curry, are a combined 8-in-40 from three-point ranges.


Some of this, of course, is regression. Klay Thompson has gone 2-for-18 from three. Kevin Durant has gone 1-for-10. Both will obviously begin to shoot much better eventually.

However, other Warriors are not so safe investments. Among the groups Draymond Green are Jonas Jerebko, Quinn Cook, Andre Iguodala, Alfonso McKinnie, no consistent threats from deep.

It’s really not time to worry about Warriors after a loss, and they still have four all-stars (plus one-fifth, DeMarcus cousins, still rehabbing from his fired Achilles “). But the Golden State got almost a little last year with its lack of angle and shot outside of Curry, Thompson and Durant, and will be back soon this year if it will change is not encouraging.

3rd The raptors are too real

Toronto looks like every contest it would come into the season.

Raptors went 3-0 in their opening week of games including a victory in a potential Eastern Conference final preview of the Boston Celtics before they went on the road the next night without Kawhi Leonard, who was rested and won in Washington.

Leonard looks fresh. Kyle Lowry looks good. The team’s new coach, Nick Nurse, has so far mixed and matched his opponent’s plays, and the result has been excellent. and proved that Toronton’s depth and versatility in every position could make it credible play any style against any opponent on any night.

Yes, it’s early. But at least so far, team president Masai Ujiri seems to pay summer barges.

4th “Kevin Love Trade Watch” has already begun.

Cleveland Cavaliers are now 0-3 after a demoralizing home loss to Atlanta Hawk’s Sunday night and the talk of the cavalry is a potential eight-seed in the East is already looking a little stupid. I will be the first to acknowledge that I was among those who said it.

Keeping in mind Kevin Love as the potential first major trading chip to be moved in the category that is not Jimmy Butler. Yes, love signed a long-term extension with Cleveland this summer. But as Blake Griffin showed last year, it just means he could be more attractive to another team like a trading chip.

The cavalas want to be competitive this season and Love can not even be moved to the end of January. But then Cleveland could be far beyond the playoff picture – and love, like Griffin last year, could go elsewhere.

5th This year’s popular sleeping team does not sleep

Denver Nuggets, New Orleans Pelicans and Milwaukee Bucks entered the season with varying degrees of hype. Nuggets was finally expected to break into the playoff image in the West after slamming the door in the last two seasons, while still seeing improvement from its young core. The Pelicans boast a potential MVP candidate in Anthony Davis, plus some exciting pieces in the front like Nikola Mirotic and Julius Randle. Bucks has its own potential MVP in Giannis Antetokounmpo, plus Khris Middleton, an upgrade on coach and a ton shot.

The three teams are combined 7-0.

Questions remain about all three. A good week’s defense for Denver will not delete questions about his game at the end. New Orleans needs other players than Jrue Holiday to live up to the required standard throughout the season. Milwaukee must continue to prove his different appearance during the offense under coach Mike Budenholzer was a real thing. But all three were thought to be potentially dangerous this season. So far all three have been.

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