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First update for OnePlus 6: all new features included


The commercial premiere of the OnePlus 6 and it does with the first update. A OTA update of something more than 350 MB that includes, in addition to May security patch , a series of characteristics for the double camera . It’s about slow motion recording, although this update in the form of OxygenOS 5.1.3 bring to OnePlus 6 plus news .

OnePlus The OnePlus 6 announced last week and it was surrounded by great expectation. The Chinese firm put on the table the OnePlus 6 data sheet , confirming many of the Specifications that had already been filtered, in addition to leaving patent the absence of other long-awaited ones such as wireless charging . In turn, the firm placed special emphasis on the characteristics and functions of the double camera of OnePlus 6 , among which were the video recording in slow motion.

Update for OnePlus 6 and its news

The truth is that OnePlus announced features that the model really does not have anything else open the box. We refer to that ability to record videos in slow motion , options such as 1080p @ 240fps and 720p @ 480fps . Some features that, yes, come on time in the form of an update with the OTA that includes OxygenOS 5.1.3.

First update for OnePlus 6: all new features included

In the same way, OnePlus includes other functions such as fast capture in portrait mode by double pressing the power button, as well as additional functions in the gallery application.

Security patch and “delete” option in notch

The first update for OnePlus 6 It is also responsible for installing the latest Google security patch in the system, corresponding to the month of May and their respective corrections and improvements. First update for OnePlus 6: all new features included

First update for OnePlus 6: all new features included

More striking is the inclusion of a new option of screen settings , which allows us “Hide” the notch . In this way, just as he has done Huawei , the manufacturer tries to hide the notch of the AMOLED display of OnePlus 6 facing those users who are not in favor of this solution and design.

Finally, another of OTA’s innovations is the arrival of the OnePlus Switch app , a software that aims to provide the user with the transfer of information, private data and photographs of their previous smartphone to OnePlus 6.