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First round of iPhone XR reviews just hit the web much earlier than expected – BGR

At midnight high, pre-orders for Apple's iPhone XR will be opened with deliveries like slats to begin one week later…

At midnight high, pre-orders for Apple’s iPhone XR will be opened with deliveries like slats to begin one week later on October 26th. Excessive power, Apple’s iPhone XR can very well help Apple to set a new iPhone sales record, with some analysts predicting that Apple can sell up to 38 million XR devices during the 2018 holiday season.

What makes iPhone XR so convincing is that It offers users on the market an upgrade of a brand new form factor at a relatively reasonable price. While last year’s iPhone X started at $ 999, the price for iPhone XR is $ 749. In addition, the only features that iPhone XR buyers really give up is an OLED display and support for 3D Touch functionality. Some other minor differences are that the XR sports an aluminum frame as opposed to a stainless steel frame and a slightly lower ceiling on LTE speeds.

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With iPhone XR pre-orders that will be live later today, elevated Apple earlier this afternoon embarked on iPhone XR reviews. If you have been on the fence if you should pull the trigger or get a pre-order, you definitely want to check out some of the reviews embedded below. Whether you have questions about the device’s build quality or how the iPhone XR camera picks up in relation to Note 9 or the recently featured Pixel 3, you will definitely find answers below.


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