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First ROMs for OnePlus 6 on the way: your kernel available


OnePlus is a company that has always been very connected to the community and developers. Your last terminal, the OnePlus 6 It is one of the fastest on the market, but even so, many of its users will surely prefer to install a custom ROM that adds extra functions to the device, beyond those incorporated by OxygenOS. We already tell you how Install the Android P Beta in this device, but if what you are going is the creation of your own ROMs for the OnePlus 6, you are in luck, because the company has already released the Kernel

When the OnePlus 6 was introduced last week, its creators announced in their forums that Kernel sources would be available from the first moment, but the truth is that it was not and the community had to arm themselves with patience waiting for the material to be available . Now can be found on GitHub and we are sure that custom ROMs will not be long in coming.

A company that facilitates the creation of ROMs for the OnePlus 6

Now that the community has been able to get their hands on the core of the phone, they can start working on custom ROMs based on TWRP (Recovery) and AOSP.

Being the OnePlus 6 a smartphone with processor Snapdragon 845 and between 6 and 8 GB of RAM, it is clear that custom ROMs can make this smartphone is among the most optimized and complete of the market.

First ROMs for OnePlus 6 on the way: your kernel available

The first task that the developer community should undertake before creating ROMs for the OnePlus 6 is to adapt TWRP to the device, to subsequently create a basic data structure (Device tree) that allows creating ROMs based on AOSP ( Android Open Source Project ).

It does not seem like it will take us long to see ROMs like LineageOS 15.1 compatible with OnePlus 6, since this smartphone is among those that include a double partition system A / B that facilitates the updates a lot. We must also bear in mind that this smartphone is compatible with Project Treble , so it will be a short time until there is a Generic System Image (GSI) available.

First ROMs for OnePlus 6 on the way: your kernel available

First ROMs for OnePlus 6 on the way: your kernel available

OnePlus has a more than positive history regarding the release of its kernel, since with the exception of OnePlus 3 , with which the community did not have the sources of said Kernel available, all the other smartphones of the company have been at the service of the community.

He OnePlus 5 I already had the kernel released the same day of the launch, and although now it has been necessary to wait a little longer, OnePlus keeps complying with what was promised and makes available to any developer the OnePlus 6 kernel, a point in their favor that they should take note other companies.

We will inform you about the first ROMs for the OnePlus 6 that are appearing in the forums ( here is ours ) and we will be happy that you tell us your experience.