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First images (and video) of the iPhone X “low cost”


A moment ago we echoed a story published by Forbes in which he talked about design of the iPhone SE and the iPhone X 2018 , as well as their prices. Now we bring you some renders filtered by Slasleaks that would show us the design of the iPhone X “low cost” , along with its dimensions and screen diagonal.

This new filtration comes to coincide with the screen sizes initially announced as well as with the information from Forbes, which already announced an iPhone X made of aluminum and with a single rear camera.

The iPhone X low cost in all its glory?

We keep warning that what is shown here they are renders and not photographs of the device, but the truth is that they seem very real and coincide with the information handled to date, which together with the reputation of this “filter” makes us think about the validity of them.

The low cost iPhone X would have dimensions of 150.9mm x 76.5mm x 8.3mm and a screen 6.1 inches .

If we compare these figures with the current ones iPhone X (143.6 mm x 70.9 mm x 7.7 mm) and Galaxy S9 Plus (158.1 mm x 73.8 mm x 8.5 mm), because the truth is that this low cost iPhone X would be a bit taller and wider than the current model, although also a little thinner .

If you look at the Galaxy S9 Plus, we see how the 6.1-inch iPhone X would be less tall (something logical to have o.1 inches less and a more compact design) but curiously it would also be wider than the Galaxy S9 Plus, which points to an aspect ratio somewhat less panoramic than the Samsung alternative.

We also have video of the iPhone X “cheap”

Slashleaks has also filtered a video of the device, and here we can not only see the back of it, but also the front of the device.

Both for the photos and the video we can confirm that this device is the low cost iPhone X and not the iPhone X 2018 standard or its Plus version, since no one expects these devices to leave the double camera, and may even have 3 lenses in the case of the iPhone X Plus .

First images (and video) of the iPhone X"low cost"

One thing that the video confirms us exclusively is the presence of the notch , which is seen to be very generous in its dimensions, so it is conceivable that this terminal would continue to include the complex Face ID Apple for facial recognition.

First images (and video) of the iPhone X"low cost"

First images (and video) of the iPhone X"low cost"

For the rest, we see how the volume controls they are located on the left side of the device next to the classic dedicated swith of Apple, while the power button and the slot for the SIM card would be placed on the right side of the 6.1-inch iPhone X.

This low cost iPhone X would bring, and finally, a double loudspeaker system at the bottom of it, accompanied by a Lightning port and without Apple decide to include the headphone jack port even though it would be very well received by many users. It is expected to cost slightly less than 700 euros .

First images (and video) of the iPhone X"low cost"

First images (and video) of the iPhone X"low cost"

Little by little, we are getting to know details of Apple’s upcoming, and we are sure that if this model has already been filtered, it will not take us long to see photographs or renderings of the two most expensive models.