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First features of the Google smartwatch that would accompany the Pixel 3


It is expected that Google present the third generation of your smartphone, the Google Pixel , during the last stretch of 2018. However, this year there will be developments in the hardware plan. And we just know that the great G prepares its first Smart watch , which could come in three different versions. And what will be the characteristics of the Google smartwatch ? Below, all the details available.

As the company itself alleged at the beginning, Google was entering the hardware market with its devices Nexus with the aim of showing manufacturers the line to follow if they adopted Android. Given this theory, after the launch of Android Wear , now converted into Wear OS , everyone thought there would be a Google smartwatch . A theory that resonated during the first years and that was decreasing in intensity as it was verified that the smart watch with the search engine brand did not arrive.

New details about Google’s smartwatch

However, these rumors are strengthened again after the information disseminated in the first instance by the popular filtering Evleaks. It indicated that reliable sources predicted the launch of a Google smartwatch in the same presentation event of the Google Pixel 3 , as well as the second generation of wireless headphones Pixel Buds .

A few hours later, and with Google I / O 2018 in the background, the rumors and leaks In this respect they have gained body. As much as to appear the first technical characteristics and code names of what appear to be three versions of Google’s smartwatch .

First features of the Google smartwatch that would accompany the Pixel 3

These versions would be identified under the name Ling, Triton and Sardine , in clear reference to different types of fish. The origin of these code names is certainly not surprising given that we already know this tendency of Google in previous projects, such as Google Pixel 2 Y Google Pixel 2 XL. With regard to these three denominations, the most accurate theory becomes that they are three versions of the same clock, differentiated perhaps by the size of the sphere-screen- or other element.

Characteristics of Google smartwatch

While the development of the project of this smartwatch of Google would be in an initial phase, at that time to decide the final design to take it to the production chain, the sources consulted advance what could be the main features of this smart watch.

The most prominent of the set would be the processor. Filtration refers to the Qualcomm Snapdragon 3100 Wear chip, a new design SoC with four cores and Adreno 302 GPU focused on energy saving. In fact, the great particularity of this chip would be its capacity for the wearable to start voice recognition without completely “waking up” the equipment.

Among other technical details of Google’s smartwatch is the RAM , which would have a value of 1 GB, as 4G connectivity, WiFi, Bluetooth compatible with the aptX high resolution codec or the GPS . There would be no missing sensors like a pedometer and to measure the heart rate , in addition to all kinds of apps and technology to fully monitor the health of the user.