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Filtered the first video of the Xiaomi Mi 8. How your fingerprint reader works under the screen


We still do not have very clear if finally the Chinese manufacturer of the moment will present the Xiaomi Mi 7 at the end of the month , he Xiaomi Mi 7 together with the Mi Band 3 , the Xiaomi Mi 7 together with the Xiaomi Mi 8 or, directly, the Xiaomi Mi 8 . What we know is that the rumors about the phone that would celebrate the brand’s eighth anniversary grow at an unstoppable speed.

After yesterday, both the box and the Xiaomi Mi 8 screen , today a new rumor indicates that the brand could launch the Xiaomi Mi 8 next May 31, just a week after the brand present in society the expected Xiaomi Mi 7. This smartphone would come to be the ” iPhone X “From Xiaomi, because like Apple’s top-end, it would be released along with the Xiaomi Mi 7 to celebrate the anniversary of the Chinese firm.

Now it has just appeared on Weibo, the famous Chinese social network where Xiaomi is the protagonist of all kinds of rumors, a video that shows what seems to be the Xiaomi Mi 8 boasting of fingerprint reader under pantall to. Of course there is no way to give truth to this clip, however much we see is the unlocking of a phone of the Chinese firm (something that is warned by MIUI icons) by simply clicking on the screen of it.

Xiaomi Mi 8 with screen reader under screen

Many of the manufacturers of the moment are involved to see who is the next firm to launch a top-end market with biometric technology embedded under the screen. And we say “next” because VIVO already launched at the beginning of the year VIVO X20 Plus UD , first smartphone with fingerprint reader housed under the glass of the screen.

Filtered the first video of the Xiaomi Mi 8. How your fingerprint reader works under the screen

He video What we are hosting in this article shows the fingerprint scanner on the screen of the Xiaomi Mi 8 in action. As we say, it is not certain that it is the mobile phone, although the source suggests the same. It is probably the Xiaomi Mi 7 or, thinking badly, a fake of the many people who tend to populate the Network before a launch of this type. The video shows the start screen of the MIUI 9 , which gives rise to that we give for good the clip, but with repairs.

According to rumors, the Xiaomi Mi 8 would hit the market at the end of the month with a 19: 9 display screen, Snapdragon 845 processor, up to 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB storage. Of course, we would find a rear camera with a double sensor and the aforementioned fingerprint sensor on the screen that shows the latest video of the Xiaomi Mi 8.