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Fewer foreign students come to the United States for the second consecutive year, finds surveys

November Reuters Reuters WASHINGTON – The number of international students entering universities and universities in the United States has fallen for second consecutive year, an ideal group said Tuesday, when the Trump administration tried to tighten restrictions on foreigners studying in the United States. New entries during the school year 2017-18 fell by 6.6 percent compared with the previous year, according to an annual survey published by the Institute of International Education. This is a decrease of 3.3 percent of new international students who are admitted in the 201 6-17 academic year.Several factors drive the decrease. The Trump Administration's visa and immigration policy has deterred some international students from enrolling, college administrators and immigration analysts said. A strong dollar has made US college education relatively more expensive, and Canadian and European universities compete heavily for the same students, and headlines on mass shifts may also have deterred some students, "said Allan Goodman, president of the IIE. "Everything matters from security, to cost, maybe perceptions of visa policy," said Goodman. "We do not hear that students feel they can not come here. We hear they have choices. We hear that there is competition from other countries." International students have become an important source of funding for American colleges as traditional sources of income, such as state funding, are under pressure. Most students of foreign students do not qualify for needs-based financial support and must pay close to full education and fees to attend schools in the United States. Like in previous…

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