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Female killed in Turks and Caicos from Long Island, police and record shows

The death of a family lawyer in Long Island near a Turks and Caicos resort last week was investigated as…

The death of a family lawyer in Long Island near a Turks and Caicos resort last week was investigated as a murder, the local police said.

Marie Kuhnla lived at Club Med in the Caribbean, said the company. The US Department of State confirmed a US citizen’s death there. Public records list a woman named Marie Kuhnla, 62, with a Wantagh address.

Kuhnla was reported missing on October 15, the police force of Royal Turks and Caicos Islands on its Facebook page on Monday night. Her body was found in the bushes near the Club Med resort day after 7:05, and she was called dead at 7:45 pm, they said. The police listed their age as 61.

“We are all unfaithful and shocked and stunned,” said her brother Peter John Chetuck, 57, on Mount Sinai.

“She was a wonderful wife, a wonderful mom, a wonderful family member,” said Chetuck. “She did everything right, the untouched home, the proverbial big neighbor and the member”.

Club Med resort, called Turkoise, sits at Grace Bay in Providenciales, an island in the northwestern part of the country known for clear waters and beaches. In January, the State Department warned travelers to “exercise increased caution” in Turks and Caicos. The islands, about 600 miles southeast of Miami, have helped their tourism sector develop, experts said.

Kuhnla travels with a coworker, worker and one or two others, said Chetuck. Her friends tried to report her as a missing person on Sunday, but the local police told them they would have to wait 24 hours to submit a report, he said.

“At that time, it sounds like her friends and people from Club Med did their own things that helped to search” Chetuck said. And since then, the authorities have been “very very tight”.

The police for Turks and Caicos could not be reached for comment.

Kuhnla son Rick Kuhnla Jr, said in a statement to ABC Eyewitness News as his mother got his team late later in life and worked more than 15 years as general defender.

“I understand that this story’s focus is on the circumstances surrounding my mother’s death, I want to take a moment to focus on her life,” he said in the statement. “She was a loving and thoughtful woman I was lucky to have for a mom. If she saw someone needing help, she would help them.”

Marie Kuhnla worked as a family affiliate for Suffolk County Legal Aid Society, said Bryan Browns, the chief executive officer.

“She had a good, good reputation” to help families, said Browns.

The State Department said it monitored the local authorities investigation of the cause of death.

We offer our sincere compassion to family and friends at their loss, says the department in a statement Tuesday. “We provide all appropriate help to the family.”

In the statement of the Foreign Ministry in January, it said: “Violence, such as armed robbery, shot and home invasion, is common. Police presence and emergency are extremely limited.”

Club Med, a major international tourism company, said in a statement that “The local authorities have not stated that there is an ongoing threat to our guests or staff.”

“The whole club with the family is saddened by this guest’s death and sends its deepest compassion to the guest’s friends and family,” said the statement. “Security , security and well-being of all our guests is our highest priority. “

Nassau County Police had no comment.

” Our thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends of Marie at this time, “said Trevor Botting, acting Commissioner for the Turks and Caicos Police, in a statement on the Facebook page. “This is an active survey of Marie’s death.”

The police asked someone with information ation to contact the unit for serious crime or call Crime Stoppers Turks & Caicos at 800-8477.

“I would also ask that circumstances surrounding Marie’s death are not subject to speculation, but some information is sent to my officers,” said Botting.

Chetuck said his older sister was one of the most difficult workers and “book-smartest” people he had known.

“She helps those people who could not help themselves, what can you say about it, it was just her,” said Chetuck.

Chetuck said he came from a family of five, with two other brothers and two sisters. “I will always have two sisters,” he said.

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