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Far Cry New Dawn is “the beginning of a new world” – here's all we know

Far Cry 5 last moments were quite intense for all who made it all until the end of the game.…

Far Cry 5 last moments were quite intense for all who made it all until the end of the game. Making a certain choice triggered an end where the father, the cult leader’s villain in that game, forced the player’s character into a bunker just like nuclear bombs began to fall all over the world. The father’s prophecy about the ending ends proved right, and the apocalypse came for Hope County – and the rest of the world.

However, it is not the end of history. Ubisoft Montreal picks up the thread with Far Cry New Dawn, both a sequel to and a spin-off game from Far Cry 5. Ubisoft Montreal officially unveiled New Dawn at The Game Awards but gave GameSpot an early look at the title of his studio. It takes place in Far Cry 5’s Hope County 1

7 years after the bombs fell, long after a destructive nuclear winter, almost all the life dried in place. But life found a way, including a certain human life, and after six years of nuclear winter, it also fell. The environment has stabilized in Hope County, and with it, plants and animals have returned. The survivors resume civilization on a transformed version of Far Cry 5’s map, and it goes quite well.  No caption

Or, it was still. Before the game began, a tough-as-nail group of deterrers called the highway drivers in the county and took over. That’s where you come in – like a survivor from somewhere else (and a new character rather than a takeover from Far Cry 5), you take on yourself to take down the freeways and rebuild Hope County settlements.

“Waking up long after a post-apocalypse setting is something we really wanted to do for a long time,” says art director Isaac Papismado to GameSpot. “It’s something that really appreciates us and this is an opportunity for us to really make Far Cry take. We really want something unique and refreshing to the player. Everyone has their own opinions and ideas about what a post-apocalyptic setting should look like, but we really wanted to bring the player somewhere, which is really refreshing for him. “

Just because the world has seen nuclear war does not mean everything has been destroyed. As Papismado expressed it, Ubisoft Montreal was not interested in building the end of the world, but something else.

” We really want to focus on building beginning of the new world, “he said.” And so from the beginning we knew we wanted something super colorful and inviting. “

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It led to the thought of Super Bloom, something that happens in deserts . The team talked to experts and examined how nuclear war crimes can actually affect the environment, and a possible effect is desertification, change of certain biomes in deserts. While Far Cry New Dawn’s ideas are not strictly scientific – the developers took freedoms with some of the ideas they said , for example, animals that have been altered by the nuclear war. Landscape actors will encounter the root of reality.

New Dawn is connected to Far Cry 5 by both The games take place in the same place, but the world has been transformed greatly between the two experiences. The spin title also focuses on some different ideas, such as rinsing and surviving in Wasteland, and offering major fighting challenges, both playing alone and collaborating with a second player like in Far Cry 5. New Dawn is its own story and its own package, but The links between the two games are still available. You will encounter some characters from Far Cry 5, director Jean-Sebastien Decant explained – and the teaser for the game at The Game Awards revealed that the Father has managed to survive the end of the world, even though we did not

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Apex Predators

Far Cry Games are almost always defined by their bad guys, and in New Dawn there are two: Mickey and Joe, murderous twin sisters who control the Highwaymen. The young women dominate a culture based on taking things from others, so they are quite tough – and Ubisoft revealed that their backstory included taking over the Highwaymen from their father as they murdered after he “became a problem” and apparently killed one of his own.

All the characters are fundamentally shaped by what they experienced after the bombs dropped, the author authores the author Olivia Alexander, and in the twins, it gave them a picture of the world that basically stands against the survivors of Hope County.

“They are incredibly shaped by the world that they have to grow up in,” said Alexander. “It was a world of scarcity and lawlessness, and some good villains always think they are doing the right thing and it’s exactly with twins. They are here a good time, not long. The Survivor philosophy is to plan for tomorrow. These guys live today, they are very much of a world like, like nihilism. They are much much rather than oh, you know, God is dead, let’s be sad, hello, nothing. It’s important to let us have a party and enjoy by yourself. Even if you have a party, people are hurting. “

The idea of ​​two villains rather than one means that Ubisoft Montreal is trying to break both characters, and Alexander said he had forced antagonists to create an interesting dynamism. It is one that the players should be able to see first hand, at least when it comes to how the leadership of the twin people filters down through the leaders of the Highwaymen. Ubisoft Montreal showed the start of a mission during his briefing, where the player’s character infiltrates the Highwaymen as a fighter in his gladiator style is fighting.

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The plan is to climb the high-speed train joints and disturb the organization from within, but it also gives a look at its culture. The highways are basically uneven and more important than survivals, but one of the more surprising aspects of an early walk to the camp pits is that they also have children around – just like survivors. Highwaymen are a civilization for themselves, and while they are predators, they still have certain values. They work for each other, though they are so terrible about it. Like the twins, the Highwaymen are an answer to the circumstances when people struggle to survive a new world.

Alexander said a big theme that runs through Far Cry New Dawn is the idea that people look after each other. Survivors and Highwaymen are fundamentally opposed, but each takes care of their own, on their way.

You still have to take out a lot of Highwaymen, but it’s typical of a Far Cry game. This time you will find enemy wars consisting of different levels of enemies, each with their own difficulty level and combat ability. They are best identified by their armor, which is mostly demolished from the motocross equipment, where the animal bones are mixed in to give the motorists a top predator.

The enemies have varied violence and toughness and the worst villains to deal with the Enforcer’s heavily armed and armored highways who will be sent to chase you and get you out. You will not only randomly encounter enemies in the world or fight them when you try to lower their outposts – some motorists will also be on your track.

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Rebuilding Civilization

The Ubisoft Montreal Post-Apocalypse is a colorful one, but it is also one who acknowledges a way of life based on cleansing the remains of the old world. Much of the game has a provisional, ramshackle aesthetic – which will apply to your equipment throughout the game. Accessories for weapons such as scopes or bayonets are, for example, made of pipes such as pipes or kitchen knives.

New Dawn’s signature weapon, and a perfect reflection of provisional style is the Saw Launcher. In its simplest way, it’s an engineered elbow that strikes radial saw blades on enemies, but it’s easy to see how it’s engineered by scavenged motorcycle parts and other debris. In accordance with Ubisoft Montreal, trying to make its post-apocalypse’s feel credible, although not realistic, Decant said the developers were trying to build a true version of Saw Launcher to see if they could make it work. In the digital world, at least the gun looks like you can build on things that you found dispersed in the ruins, with moving bicycle chains and pieces of control that act as important components.

The provisional appearance is not just an aesthetic choice, though. Decant said the team has put more emphasis on scavenging and crafting in New Dawn, to reflect a post-apocalyptic lifestyle. And the post-apocalyptic lifestyle is a big part of the game, as you can expect. Hope County survivors rebuild their community, and when you work to take back the area from Highwaymen, you will also contribute to their settlement, Prosperity. It is not exactly clear yet what it will mean, although it sounds like you will get some survivors whom you encounter in Hope County back to the prosperity of prosperity. The effort you enter will be reflected aesthetically as society expands, morale improves, and more and more people begin to emerge.

Making prosperity also gives you some tangible benefits. The expanding site and the new people will involve specialists who can help you create and repair tools, for example.

Any improvement in the deal will offer you new opportunities, such as one of the new additions to the franchise in New Dawn Expeditions.

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Cooperative Challenge

Expeditions are special missions that allow you to take the Highwaymen in completely new locations outside of Hope County, giving you a chance to explore more of the country in the wake of the nuclear war. Decant called them “smash-and-grab” missions, and they look a bit like the players in the Far Cry series. They are also challenges that can encourage you to partner with a friend thanks to New Dawn’s collaborative multiplayer support.

On an expedition mission, you seek to claim a valuable goods bag from a Highwaymen base, which will be bigger and better defense than many outposts that you may encounter in Hope County. These deliveries can be used to upgrade Survivors base, which makes them quite valuable.

Your possibilities, as always in Far Cry, are to push you in or take a nicer approach. With a second person, coordination can be the key to survival and being undiscovered. Once you get to the bag and grab it, the roads will alert you for your presence, regardless of the GPS tracker in their goods. From there, the operation will be a continuous fire fighting when you try to stay off reinforcements until your extraction, Survivor’s helicopter, can sleep in and save you.

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While expeditions seem to be built for two, you do not need a friend to enjoy these missions. Back from Far Cry 5 is the Guns For Hire system that lets you bring along allies you meet in the gaming world. These include two animal lovers: Timber, a faithful dog that can scare off other, larger animals. He can also jump through the car window to make it easier for you to go with you, Decant said, thanks to the community feedback from Far Cry 5. There is also Horatio, a giant wild boar who can take five highways at a time and crush cars.

You can issue these character schemes when you play, like sending them to a place or asking them to snipe an opponent, making them quite useful for the mission.

The expedition shown to journalists at Ubisoft Montreal took place in a ruined amusement park, complete with freewayers using route lanes for their outlook items. The quick mission started beautifully, with the AI-controlled Gun for Hire Nana, a little grizzled older screen saver, who joined the player’s character. However, it was not so long that, despite her best efforts, Nana’s silent sniping could not prevent the main men from discovering the player.

Griped on the bag, the couple worked through the park against their edges and fought by enemies wearing RPGs, sniping from the towers and driving into four-wheelers. Before long, the helicopter dropped down, allowing the player and Nana to get away with the goods they played for – but only barely.

Decant noted that each expedition feels a little different. You take players to the west coast and on a beach tackle, which for example gives a more vertical experience. Another, located on a Canyon-exciting jetty in Arizona, will have the extra team to try not to fall to your death as you fight it through it.

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Something for All

Generally, Far Cry New Dawn feels like a normal Far Cry game married to any of a more arcade strategy. Decant explained that the franchise outpost, one player eliminates and takes over the game, has been tweaked to offer more challenge. You still take overposts and make them your fraction, but now you can leave captive outposts if you choose it. When you do, the car guards will move in and take over them – and then reinforce them to make them tougher. The hope is that the increased challenge will be a perfect excuse for players to take out posts with a friend.

Outposts go up three levels for a challenge, but only if you want them to. The same applies to Expeditions, which are intended to be tougher assignments, but it seems that you only have to participate in them if they are your case. In fact, Decant said the hope is that New Dawn will provide a little bit for all types of Far Cry fans – a story-driven traditional experience if that’s what you’re recording, opportunities for tough fighting challenges and interaction if that’s what you prefer and a big world to explore with lots of treasures and secrets to discover if it’s more your speed.

“The offer is slightly smaller than you get in Far Cry 5, but it’s still quite big,” Decant said. “Our grasp was, it was the year after Far Cry 5, we wanted something that would be perceived as generous.”

Far Cry New Dawn launches for $ 40 on February 15 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

Editor’s Note: GameSpot’s travel and accommodation during the preview event is provided by Ubisoft.

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