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Far Cry New Dawn fixes FC5's big mistakes: The dog is riding in your car now

December 8, 2018 Technology 1 Views Far Cry 5's follow-up system provided a welcome way to get some backup when…

Far Cry 5’s follow-up system provided a welcome way to get some backup when playing in a single player. But it also contained a critical error, because the dog – Boomer – could not jump in your vehicle and go on a walk like the human companions did. Fortunately, Ubisoft has clearly heard the answer to this travesty and changes this mistake in the recently announced Far Cry New Dawn, premiere of The Game Awards.

New Dawn seems to be a lot of development of Far Cry 5 and that includes incorporating the same style in the companion system. Put in the same place in Hope County, Montana, but years after FC5, you meet and recruit a new series of allies. Among them is another dog, Timber, who could be seen in the revealing trailer of New Dawn. Thank you, when you decide to command a vehicle, Timber will jump in and take a trip, just like anyone else. It’s a minor, stupid detail, but a welcome one for those who felt bad about leaving their pooch to hover it on their own.

New Dawn is put in a post-apocalyptic version of Hope County where you are opposed to a devil group known as the Highwaymen, led by Mickey and Lou, twin sisters, simply referred to as The Twins. There is greater emphasis on creating because you can create weapons and vehicles. In addition to exploring this modified version of Hope County, you will also take up assignments called Expeditions that let you explore brand new areas.

New Dawn is set for release on PS4, Xbox One and PC on February 1

5th. costs $ 40 in the US; International pricing has not yet been published.

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