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Fantasy Football Week 12: Starts and sets, fails and risks for each game on the NFL schedule

November 21, 2018 Sports 0 Views Need advice on Fantasy Football? Talk to CBS Sports on your Google Assistant to…

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Looking for some advice? You have come to the right place. First, review each game in the schedule here to find out who Dave starts and sit for all 30 teams on schedule for week 12.

Bears at Lions

(Thursday 12:30 ET, [1

9659006] available at fuboTV ).

Dangerous Beginners

The short week and Mitchell Trubisky’s shoulder injury cries out of a greater workload for Howard and Cohen, but not much sense in the Bears Run game. When these teams met two weeks ago, the bears built a 26-0 first semiconductor and still struggled to run the ball efficiently or often. In fact, neither Cohen nor Howard have written 10-plus Fantasy Points in any of their last two games and are averaging 3.1 feet in rush in Chicago’s last three games, all without the top-blowing guard Kyle Long. Detroit has allowed a touchdown to a back in four of its last five (4.2 meters per run in that span), but the inconsistencies in how Bears use the back makes their duo very dicey. So, if you do not feel better about what Bears schedule might be with Chase Daniel, start counting out tremendous stats from any player.

Redskins at Cowboys

Sit him

The whole world knows that Colt McCoy is not a gunsmith. He is much more efficient to throw short and space passes, which works well for Reed because he does not run downfield very often. It will help Reed Corral a good amount of goals, but that was something he had done enough anyway. The cowboys are among the best in football at slow ends – only Evan Engram and Zach Ertz have ended 10-plus Fantasy points against them in the season. The Cowboys have also done well against Reed, keeping him 70 yards or less without a touchdown in 8 out of 9 meetings. He is safer in PPR but a non-go in non-PPR.

Falcons at Saints

Says him

Last week, I noted that Hooper’s numbers were strong when Falcons driving games were ineffective. Showed that’s just part of the equation – despite a pass-heavy approach last week, Hooper could not come up with more than 27 meters on four catches and eight goals. With all rights he should have had a better game, but he had a drop and a few goals that could not catch. To make matters worse is that a Saints pass defense that has kept every tight end they have faced with six non-PPR Fantasy points or less (Zach Ertz was a total non-factor last week). Furthermore, the sanctuary defense has begun soft and Falcons should return to their driving game after neglecting last week, despite Tevin Coleman’s 7.3 rushing agent.

Browns at Bengals

Start him

Ever since Nick Chubb became prominent in Cleveland, David Njoku has had a role in the baker. If it continues this week, you know you can not trust him anymore: The Bengals have allowed almost all the big names, the tight end they played to have a great game. Eric Ebron, Travis Kelce and O.J. Howard did well Jack Doyle and Vance McDonald reached at least 60 meters without points. Mark Andrews and Logan Paulsen also paid for dirt. The only remarkable tight end to playing Bengals and not good was Austin Hooper. Hopefully, Browns returned to the drawing board and found ways to exploit Njoku in the match game after neglecting him. The match against Bengal’s depleted linebackers and security services will definitely help, if not give all the incentives needed to get him more goals.

49ers on Buccaneers

Start Him

Nine of 11 quarterbacks to play 49ers this season has had several touchdown passes and at least 20 Fantasy Points. It is the starting point for Winston, who has at least 19 Fantasy points in each of his two games that he played in full. He also had 18 Fantasy points in half of last week’s game. This feels like Winston’s last chance to show Bucs as he can be their quarterback in 2019, but it’s also the start of a potential six-game audition to show the rest of the league what he can. Niners, who has just eliminated two passes throughout the year, is the perfect opponent for Winston to make good play against. His face (and a decent chance to go without multiple rounds given to the opponent) makes him fantasy worthy of at least one change of exchange and at most one big flowing choice.

Seen him

In effectively 14 matches together, Jackson and Winston have joined two touchdowns and seven pass games of 20 plus meters. It’s on 86 goals, by the way. This connection is just not there, but they have tried over and over again to consistently make it work. A few weeks back in Cincinnati they held a long bomb, but it’s just too hard to predict when to do it again. 49ers pass defense is not very good, but they have modestly allowed 33 passers games of 20 plus meters and only five passers games of 40 plus meters a year. Thank you for Dirk Koetter’s desperate to get his running game to save his defense from playing too much and making D-Jax difficult to believe.

Jaguar on Bills

Sneaky Sleeper

Bills DST

This game is the opposite of Chiefs-Ram’s showdown from last Monday night. It is expected to be a lot like their 10-3 playoff meeting in Jacksonville in January in January, filled with lots of conservative game talks and plenty of good defense. For that purpose, the bills should be ready for the Jaguar crash that comes from goodbye at home. Each of the last five DST games to play Jaguaren has written at least 10 Fantasy points and Sean McDermot’s crew has found success against weak crimes like jets, titans and … Texans and Vikings?! Jacksonville offensive line is a soft spot and the bills secondary match very well with Jaguar recipients.

Raiders at Ravens

Start him

If we read between the lines, Ravens is happy to have any English North-South runner to replace Alex Collins. Edwards is – he is a big physical scooter who can squeeze into tight spaces and break winnings. Perhaps the most telling sign that coaches like him are, however, that the 17 berries he had last week were the third part of some Ravens who run back this year. Not bad for his fifth NFL game. Oakland’s round defense is particularly brutal, allowing 5.1 meters per berry to the back of the season with eight points on the ground. A back has had at least 14 Fantasy Points (non-PPR) against Raiders in each of the last four games since its day. Edwards is heard in lineups as a low-end No. 2 option with no serious side.

Seahawks at Panthers

Start him

Baldwin looked good last week, but the truth is that he has run smoothly for at least the last two games. The difference is that Russell Wilson focused on finding him in the final zone against Packers (they tried four times!). Wilson should be as keen to join Baldwin again here as the panthers will set up an old-like-AOL-like-like-backback Captain Munnerlyn in the castle. Baldwin will shine against him and keep up 84 percent of the catch frequency he has cheated in his last three. The seahawks should also be thought to pass a little more than they would like because the pants would score points on the board, especially after two straight losses on the road.

Start him

Last time Moore surprised with a big game he was a dud the following week. If the panthers are wise, they will not let it happen again. Moore, a sleeping pick for us in week 11, comes from a career-best game and a favorable home matchup. Since his bye, Seattle outside cornerbacks, Three Flowers and Shaquill Griffin have allowed a finishing touch of 66.7 percent and 18.5 meters per catch. There is a certainty that Cam Newton will target both of them, and it would be meaningful to rely on the cool, cool Moore (77 percent catch this year) to get the job done. After Devin Funchess released three passes, including a touchdown last week and really been disappointing since mid October, Moore could take his place as the top dummy in match match as soon as in the week.

Patriots at Jets

Start him

Patriots could not choose a better scenario for their rookie rusher. In week 9 he came back and made a bit of praise in a game that quickly went sideways for Pats. Now that he has taken a week, Michel should be happy with a Jets unit that beat five scoring points on the ground in his last four. In three of the four games, Gang Green was stomped for over 4.4 meters per berry. And New England’s leading back has made three straight jets. As long as Michel does not have any significant exercise time, expect his touch to be screwed up in what should be a one-sided patriot win. They make a lot of what comes from hello.

Giants on eagles

Start him

The eagles have not had one of their running backs get 10 or more in a game of four weeks. In these games, only one of their backs has an average of more than 3.0 meters per berry. It would be Adams, who has been playing a delightful 6.6-meter average in the last four and was the team’s bright spot in Sunday’s humiliating loss. One way the eagles can bounce back is to finally take some pressure out of Carson Wentz and attack the weakness of Giant’s defense. New York has seen opposing backscores on it in every game this year and gave 5.3 meters per berry in three matchups since trading Damon Harrison. Adams is worth taking hope of faith.

Cardinals on Charger

Says him

It’s one thing to see Fitzgerald go out for big matches against weak passports like 49ers and Raiders; There is another one to expect when he takes on a talented device like the charger. Only three recipients have gone over 100 meters in Los Angeles this year and only one wideout has scored on the bolts in the last five games. Sloth Eagle Desmond King has played well and should be awarded Fitzgerald to much of the game. Fitz has not yet scored or exceeded 50 meters on the way this season. You may not feel good about starting him again until week 14.

Dolphins at Colts

Risky Starter

A few weeks back, Andrew Luck was short on profitable goals and was relying on Eric Ebron. If you saw last week’s game you know it’s no longer the truth. The colts are no longer capable of receiving talent and should be good enough to blend and match their weapons against a Dolphins pass defense that usually keeps fighter in front of them, eliminating big games. Ebron plays a lot in the red zone but not as much elsewhere in the field. Until it changes, and until they are in a game where they will not play with a lead, Ebron is basically the most decorated touchdown or buststress end of this season.

Steelers at Broncos

Start him

How in the world can you come from starting McDonald when Broncos has made a close final score on them in three straight and McDonald has found the finish zone in two straight? Answer: You can not. McDonald has been regularly in Steelers offensive and played 80 percent of the snaps last week in a game as they jaded the score. Linebacker Josey Jewell and Security Justin Simmons has been responsible for the coverage of Broncos during the recent games and counted on drawing a lot of attention. Considering how bad the narrow endpoint has become in Fantasy, someone like McDonald makes perfect sense to begin.

Packers at Vikings

Start him

Not only should the cousins ​​benefit from Packer’s defensive injuries, but his entire offensive line should also. Beefy defensive tack Mike Daniels was injured last week and will make Packer’s front so much less threatening. Packers secondary also plays backups with cornerbacks Kevin King and Bashaud Breeland sideways as well as security Kentrell Brice. Although there is a chance that Dalvin Cook takes over and crushes Packers over 20 plus berries, the reality is that the cousins ​​have taken over the identity of the crime and are in a good place to bounce back from a hard loss last week. Keep in mind, cousins ​​found 20 fantasy points in that game – he should find more here.

Titans on Texans

Risky Starter

Miller is a risky game regardless of the circumstances. The good: He has had at least 18 berries in three of his last four matches and an average of at least 4.3 meters per berry in the three with a few touchdowns. More good: Titan’s defense is on its way for the second week in a row after being wiped out by Colts, partly because the Tennessee offensive puts them in some bad places. It may happen again. The bad thing: The tennis game’s defense is quite good despite last week’s performance and should make things tough on a Texan’s offensive line that plays decent ball but handles some injuries. Since the matchup proposes a long night for Titan’s crime, the Texans can continue to play conservatively. It’s finally good news for Miller because he gets a lot of berries. Hopefully, he can return double-digit Fantasy points – he has made it in three of his last four.

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