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Fantasy Football Week 12 Sleepers at each position | Bleacher Report

Wesley Hitt / Getty Images Before continuing to the Week 12 Sleep Recommendations, here's a gander of how the 11-week…

Wesley Hitt / Getty Images

Before continuing to the Week 12 Sleep Recommendations, here’s a gander of how the 11-week election went.

Hopefully there’s one thing or two to be grateful in here. If not, I will drown my sorrows in the remaining cake.

Roof Prescott, QB, Dallas Cowboys (208 Rowing, Five Rushing yards, One TD): Prescott did not have a terrible game. Or even a bad one. But Sunday games with Atlanta Falcons ended up being much lower than most (including me) expected.

Eli Manning, QB, New York Giants (231

passing lap, two TD): There have been weeks this season where this relatively modest state line would have been good enough to crack top 12. Unfortunately, it was not one of those weeks. ALLOCATION

Marcus Mariota, QB, Tennessee Titans (85 passing laps, 17 laps, an INT): My first two QB recommendations were close misses. This was a disaster. The week is not going to a good start. Match the pie. Lost

Peyton Barber, RB, Tampa Bay Buccaneers (18 berries, 106 meters, two catches, four turns, one TD): The quartz jars may have been a mess, but Barber Surely, he did not finish among the top 10 RBs in some scoring systems. WIN

Theo Riddick, RB, Detroit Lions (one berry, zero lap, five catches, 30 yards): I thought the Lions would be in the mood for too much of the game against Carolina. Instead, the jerks actually won the dang thing. It’s just rude. More pie, please.

Anthony Miller, WR, Chicago Bears (Two Catches, 25 meters, a TD): Miller was not so involved in the fitting game on Sunday night as I hoped he was , but he found the final zone in victory over the folds. It got him inside the WR3 territory. WIN

DJ Moore, WR, Carolina Panthers (Seven Catches, 157 meters, a TD): Moore is a hard guy to trust weekly given how wild his goal number has varied, but he has the highest ceiling on any WR on roster in Charlotte. WIN

Quan Smith, WR, New Orleans Saints (10 receptions, 157 meters, a TD): Not toot my own horn or anything but two of my broad recipients cooler in week 11 were five over five imaginative alternatives for the week. Toot freaking toot. WIN

Jeff Heuerman, TE, Denver Broncos (four catches, 20 meters): Another tight end call, another miss. Look at this way – I tell you, what close do you definitely should not start for a certain week. Here you are.

Arizona Cardinals Defense / Specialties (325 meters allowed, 23 points allowed, four sacks): Somehow, the cardinals managed to do the most impossible to play – worse than the Raiders . In related news, the defense in Arizona is dead for me. APPEARANCE

WEEK 7: 4-6 (.400)

SEASON: 48-62 (.436)

I cooled a bit compared to the last few weeks, but three of the four players I hit were not only decent but outstanding. In particular, Smith and Moore published the kind of state line that wins you weeks as a submission.

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