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Fantasy Football Week 11: Starts, sets, risks and sleeps for each NFL game

November 18, 2018 Sports 6 Views Need advice on Fantasy Football? Talk to CBS Sports on your Google Assistant to…

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Week 11 Preview

Looking for some advice? You have come to the right place. First, review each game in the schedule here to find out who Dave starts and sit for all 28 teams in the schedule. Check out Dave’s Cheat Sheets – PPR is here while Non-PPR is here – for start and call for all relevant Fantasy players.

Cowboys at Falcons

Says him

Hooper’s better game tends to happen when Falcons driving runs can not rip through defense. He is also an obviously shorter goal towards the zone, where he can find space to pick up quickly, short throw from Matt Ryan. The cowboys have been pretty good at backbones but this is their second straight road game and they will not have run-back Sean Lee in their defense. It should help Tevin Coleman. In addition, Cowboy’s secondary should not be much of a match for Falcon’s other fighters, potentially driving Hooper into a minor role. Zach Ertz did twice in Dallas last week, but he is in a very different league than Hooper. It seems like a good week not to chase Hooper statistics from week 10 and find someone else.

Sneaky Sleeper

Since Amari Cooper’s week 9 arrival, Prescott has an average of 4.1 more attempts per game with noticeable improvements in turns per try (6.9 to 7.6), touchdowns per game (1, 1 to 1.5) and finalization (62 percent to 70 percent). Part of it is because of Cooper, but part of it is because Ezekiel Elliott has used the transient game (10 catches in their last two games for 87 meters and one point). Prescott has come across 21-plus Fantasy Points in three of his last four (18 in Cooper’s Cowboys debut) and will see a Falcon defense that is allowed 21 plus to quarterbacks in 7th of 8. Atlanta continues to fight when it’s about defending against running back through the air. Fellow QB streamers Marcus Mariota and Eli Manning have more up, but Prescott knows a low-key, gentle reward Fantasy suits.

Buccaneers at Giants

Risky Starter

Last week, Howard had his first match in his last five without four plus receipts (1-15-0). The defense did not take him away and his playing time was normal – that’s because Bucs backs (namely Jacquizz Rodgers) became more involved in the match with eight goals. In fact, Buc’s driving backs totaled 12 goals last week after an average of 4.9 goals per game in the eight trips earlier. This is in tune with coach Dirk Koetter who wants to involve his back more. Is it enough to worry about using Howard? You should not sit him this week and know that there are not many other options, but expectations should be kept in control. It does not help the giants to be very good against tight ends, especially those who are not primary offensive weapons.

In his last three games, the giants have kept Calvin Ridley, Josh Doctson and Marquise Goodwin under 70 meters each. Only four recipients have had more than 80 meters against the giants throughout the season. Jackson has been under 80 yards in five straight games with a touchdown in one of them, while guys like Adam Godphries and Chris Godwin have lately risen. Tampa Bay seems interested in being a little more dependent on his running backs and trying to keep his defense off the plan. It just seems like a lot goes against Jackson.

Sit him

You can not deny two things: The dreamy matchup that awaits Engram against Bucs … and the lack of commitment and production Engram has given us. In three matches since he came back from his injury, Engram has scored 18 goals and made them 11 catches for 87 yards by one point. It is 7.9 meters per catch. He also has two drops since he came back. With regard to the 18 goals, it represents only 15.5 percent of Eli Mannings throws. Both Engram’s touchdowns were in junk in Giant’s losses, another signal to his lack of relevant use. So while Bucs has given up five touchdowns and 15.3 yards per catch to close finish in their last seven games, Engram is risky a player to take advantage of doubts based on latest performance.

Steelers at Jaguars

Start him

Jacksonville’s linebackers and safeties are eaten alive by opposite crimes. Over the last two weeks, tight ends have accounted for five of the six receiving touchdowns allowed by the Jaguar, all occupied by various defenders. During a normal week, it may be an alert for the defense to fix, but Steelers has so many other guys that can capture in addition to McDonald that Jacksonville probably will not have a good response to play better against tight ends. The case is, Ben Roethlisberger does not discriminate – proof of it came last week – and thus, McDonald has a good chance of finding the final zone for the second consecutive week.

Texans at Redskins

Risky Starter

This has the feel of a low score, grind-it-out type of game. It should help Miller to get the kind of volume he needs to deliver around 70 meters. Washington has had trouble packing up players during his last two matches, so maybe Miller may be in a few good meters by contact number (he ranked 17 in that category according to Sports Info Solutions). Can he make goals? It seems unlikely. Miller has scored in two of his last three but Washington has given up a touchdown on the ground to a back in his last five, so it does not look like a good place for him to find sex.

Sit him

Redskins offensive line has become a clear problem. Last week against the low Bucs defense, Peterson needed every piece of 19 to get 68 yards. Of the 19 runs 13 went for three meters or less. Now he will take on a rested and begun Texan’s driving defense held opposite backs to 3.5 meters per berry. Maybe Redskins will be creative and use Peterson in the appropriate game, but they have been unwilling to do the whole year (he has 18 goals). Think of him as a touchdown-dependent runner with a low roof for yardage.

Titans on Colts

Sneaky Sleeper

Mariotas hand is healed and his game and his numbers have been great since Titan’s farewell. While his graduation rate is upward (66 percent to 69.8 percent), his lap per try has risen from 6.87 to 8.83. It is big! Mariota also has more appropriate touchdowns in his last two matches (four) than his first six (three). He does not make nearly as many mistakes as he did earlier this year and should not have to deal with Colts’ pass rush a lot. Expect his improvement to be continued against a Colts secondary who has struggled with outside recipients and a defense that has two sacks in his last three matches. Plus Colts should add up some points and drive the Titans to play in a high-quality game, which benefits Mariota. He is my favorite quarterback.

Start him

This child is too true, and the combination of Mariota throws better and peltes him with goals because the city should be all the evidence you need to start him. Davis had four goals in the final zone for the last two weeks (he had only three before bye) and should have had at least two big games unless Mariota holds the ball a bit too long. There is nothing that Davis does suggesting he is raw or inexperienced and the match against Indy’s secondary is great. A physical external receiver like Davis has scored at Colts in five of their last six.

Start him

We knew that last week’s matchup against Jaguaren was good for Colt’s tight ends, we just thought Doyle would see Eric Ebron and Mo Alie-Cox combines for four points while he had three catches. The emergence of Alie-Cox is real, but Doyle still plays most snaps in all Indy tight ends and even runs more ways than their counterparts. The Titans have good linebackers and safeties to contain slower, physically tight ends like Doyle, but they are also good at featuring driving games. It could force Andrew Luck to wrap it more. Tennessee may also stop playing more zone to keep Colts from breaking big games. Both would theoretically be plus for Doyle. I’ll give him a new shot to add nice numbers in week 11.

Panther on Lions

Sneaky Sleeper

Risky Starter

In Lions last five games they have allowed wide recipients. ..

  • 10 touchdowns (seven from the track)
  • 15.8 meters per catch
  • a 73.5 percent catch speed
  • 17 passes 20 plus yards (does not include another six plus farm passes play to tight ends)

Granted, the Panthers can as easily head towards Motown and run the ball, but hunch is Lions will give them a bit of a game and Cam Newton has to throw it around some. Moore lines up throughout the formation and can be a matchup nightmare in the track. He is also the perfect type of catch-and-run recipient who can make gigs against this inept Lions device. He will be in a lot of my DFS lineups and it’s good to go as at least one flex a week.

What about Funchess? Good question – his goal is still solid compared to the number of passes Newton has thrown, but since Moore’s play in Atlanta he saw so many goals as rookie with a poorer recipient. Christian McCaffrey and Greg Olsen have had more. Funchess has turned into touchdown or bust status, but it’s a pretty good status given how bad Lions pass defense has been.

Bengals at Ravens

Start with him

Let’s start with matchup: Cincinnati’s run defense has fallen off a cliff, allowing six points and 5.5 meters per berry to back in its final Four. Getting Vontaze Burfict back would not be much of a boost because they have fought with him in the first place. Will Collins be the guy to take advantage of the most? He has played right around half of Ravens snaps in most games this season, never dominates playing but dominates berries in each of the Ravens last four games. As for the snaps that matter, Collins has 16 red zone snaps in the last four games including nine inside the 10, three more than Javorius Allen. Hunch is that Ravens will lean on Collins as his primary ball carrier, and given matchup, which should give him a chance to play a good game. Hopefully, the first of many Ravens coming schedule.

Broncos on Charger

Sneaky Sleeper

What happens if I told Broncos I have uploaded Heuerman all over the formation for much of the season? You may be surprised, but the reality is that there has never been any real reason to notice that he had been an afterthought in the crime. It changed in week 9 when he received 10 catches of 11 goals (most of shorter throws) as part of a career-best game of 83 meters and a touchdown. It was also Broncos first match without Demaryius Thomas. Will it be? The Los Angeles passport has improved from the start of the season to recipients but they have allowed a touchdown to a tight end in four of their last six games with a 60 percent catch to the position. There is a risk, but with Broncos is expected to chase points and chargers that are likely to focus on Denver’s fast-paced receiver, 6-foot-5 Heuerman is a candidate for a lot of goals again.

Raiders at Cardinals

Start him

David Johnson will get his number, but the cardinals must inevitably throw the ball. When they do, Seals-Jones should be part of their game plan. When he comes from a nine-point five-week game against the bosses last week, RSJ will see a Raider defense leaking 16.2 meters per catch, an 80 percent catch and six touchdowns to a close end in his last six games. Byron Leftwich would make his team a dissatisfaction if he did not try to sell Jones-Jones this week. This is the best tight end to stream in week 11.

Eagles on Saints

Sit Him

I overestimated Tate’s role and efficiency last week – he barely played and was an apparent decline. It is said that there is nothing telling how limited he will be this week. The Eagles definitely need him for this game, and Philly will throw a party just to accompany Drew Brees & Co. But Tate’s own upbringing, which he has a lot to learn, prevents him from being a legitimate fantasy consideration. It’s too bad – the big transition expected from Carson Wentz in combination with the slots match Tate would have if he played all games would make an appealing option.

Vikings on Bears

Says him

Evidence suggests that the road to attack the vikings lies above the center of the field, especially with short, fast passes to deny the Minnesota pass. It fits guys like Tarik Cohen, Trey Burton and the player Anthony Miller well, but Robinson does not do much. Last week, Robinson came through for a huge game against a weak and depleted Lions defense, but the cops figure to shut up Xavier Rhodes on him. It’s a matchup that the Vikings probably can win. Bank for serious regression from Robinson in week 11 – but much better game starting in week 12.

His him

You must have some sympathy for Howard’s Fantasy owners. Many started him last week with dreams of big numbers against Lions poor defense, but Tarik Cohen made a short shot, while Howard was left in 11-berry dust and a 1.9-yard rushing agent. It will be impossible to have faith in Howard this week against a wild and stable Vikings driving defense. The only backrest that exceeds 9 fantasy points (non-PPR) against them is Chris Ivory (20 berries and a spotty catch-and-run), Todd Gurley (duh), Wendell Smallwood (caught a touchdown), David Johnson touches and a peak time-goal berry) and Alvin Kamara (duh). This suggests that the only way that Howard can restore good Fantasy value is if he gets a lot of hand (he has over 15 wears twice this season) or points (the vikings have allowed two rushing touchdowns to run back this year). It feels like the kind of game in which Cohen will be invited to do more.

Chiefs at Rams

Start him

The whole world expects a highscore shootout between these teams. And for Watkins, this is a good match against his former team. In their last five games, the frames have seen speed for recipients for 15.8 meters per catch with 18 passes of 19 plus meters. Wideouts has a 67.5 percent catch in that span with six touchdowns. Watkins is late for a big game (he has had one in his last five) and this seems to be the right time for it.

Packer at Seahawks

Risky Starter

Graham is getting harder to trust. After collecting 45 goals in his first six matches, he has had 11 in his last three. The packers are still a pass heavy team, but Aaron Jones’s growth has reduced Aaron Rodger’s attempt per match from 42.3 in the first six to 33.7 in the last three. It is also noticeable how slow Graham is compared to Packer’s second passengers, including rarely used No. 2 tight than Lance Kendricks. It may be related to a knee injury Graham has to do with, but you can not ignore Graham’s season – last 68.4 snapping percent against Miami (Rodgers played every snap). Without many goals, Graham is scaled down to a touchdown or bust tight end. For a guy with two points, five goals at the end of the zone and eight goals in the red zone, it’s not good. Sure, Seattle gave up touchdowns to both Gerald Everett and Tyler Higbee last week, but they were second and third points tight ending hats on them throughout the season. No tight than has had more than eight non-PPR Fantasy points against them (12 in PPR). The “revenge game” factor is a nice story, but the only reason to go with Graham is that Packers is expected to make a lot of points and there is no better tight end option.

Risky Starter

The process was right with Valdes-Scantling last week – he secured 6 out of 7 goals and played 94 percent of snaps – but was most used as a short-circuit receiver. His only deep goal resulted in a bad blow by Rodgers. Seahawk’s secondary has fallen apart, but it has been the outer corners that sing in the last month. You have to hope that the Packers system comes up against MVS against the defensive backs (although he has a good size advantage in front of the Justin Coleman slot), and you must also hope that the high score for this game gives even more goals for rookie. He is best used as flex and is safer in PPR.

Start him

Secondary Packers is a mess. Rookie Jaire Alexander has played well, but Bashaud Breeland has been torched in the track, outside the corner Josh Jackson was a blame as recently as last week and security Tramon Williams has been on the hook for a long touchdown in three of his last four games. This is good news for the homemade Seahawks. Russell Wilson has been on a steady diet of handoffs but has been ridiculously effective with a touchdown every 11.7 pass attempt. Lockett has captured one third of Wilson’s score and has paid paid dirt in 7 of 9 matches. His deep speed will be too much for Packers to handle. Pencil in Lockett (which impressive has raised 75 percent of its goals by 14.6 meters per catch) as a low-end no. 2 receiver.

So who are you going to sit and start? And what shocking QB could win you on week 11? Visit SportsLine now to get Fantasy football rankings for each individual position and see what shocking QB finishes in the top five of the week, all from the model that performed experts big time last season.

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