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Fantasy Football Week 11: Experts respond to major issues like playoffs close

Need advice on Fantasy Football? Talk to CBS Sports on your Google Assistant to get insights about the best sleepers…

Need advice on Fantasy Football? Talk to CBS Sports on your Google Assistant to get insights about the best sleepers and to help decide between players. Start with, “Hello Google, Talk to CBS Sports.”

Do you want to ask our experts a question? You can beat them on twitter ( @ CBSFantasy ), or email Fantasy Football Today podcasts ([email protected]) and you’ll get the chance. We love to give personal advice whenever we can.

But we can not get any questions. What we can do is sum up some of the most pressing questions from around the Fantasy landscape and get all three to give their position. Here are Jamey Eisenberg, Dave Richard and Heath Cumming’s answer to six of the biggest questions Fantasy players are thinking of going to week 1

1 – and this week we have some disagreements.

1. Who do you keep by goodbye?

  • Jamey Eisenberg: I plan to keep Elijah McGuire in the leagues where I picked him up. I expect (hope) the jets begin to give him more work because he could be a chosen option in their backfield next year. He has played more than Isaiah Crowell in the last two weeks, and now he deserves significantly more hands.
  • Dave Richard: Aside from the obvious? I agree with Jarvis Landry, but I think he’s a no. 3-receiver moving forward. His role changes as Browns leans toward using his driving backs more. Same thing with David Njoku.
  • Heath Cummings: Marquise Goodwin. Listen if Anthony Miller is available and Goodwin is your worst player, I’m sure he’ll hit him, but when 49ers get back from hello, they’ll get Tampa Bay Buccaneers. It’s a week without Chiefs or Ram’s broad recipients. He will probably be top 30 and I’d rather not let him go.

2nd Who do you cut?

  • Jamey: Njoku is not someone I plan to keep. He has fought too late with five catches for 71 meters and no touchdowns on six goals in his past three games, and I can get that kind of production from a flowing end of a week with the right guy.
  • Dave: Goodwin has to go. Really, he should have gone since Jimmy Garoppolo was injured. Doug Baldwin is also not goodbye, but he might as well be. Cutski.
  • Heath: The Dolphins run back. This is not a spite-drop situation. I can stop holding them. But Josh Adams and Rashaad Penny are both backs that I would rather have on my bench this week, only if they get the use they need to really pop.

3rd Who is your top priority for exception in week 11?

  • Jamey: I have talked about Josh Adams in our deviation thread column over the past two weeks, and I’m glad that Eagles coach Doug Pederson said he plans to give him more work. Adams has earned it, and Fantasy owners will hopefully reap the benefits in the near future.
  • Dave: The Cardinal DST goes up against Raiders, so they will be a priority. Adams and Rashaad Penny have late-season hero potential so I’ll go after them quite hard. If I need a quarterback, Marcus Mariota and Eli Manning will be on my list.
  • Heath: This time of year, it really depends on what I need. Anthony Miller and Adams are my clear top two if I do not have a stacked bench and just need a streamer. Eli Manning is by far my favorite QB streamer and the cardinals have the highest priority on the defense.

4th Is there a potential league-winning stash left?

  • Jamey: See above.
  • Dave: Adams and Penny fit this invoice safely. Both teams like to use multiple running runs, but both coaches have leaned back at once again in the past and can do it again if either kid appears to be worthy. Adams is forward because his contest about playing time is weaker than Pennys. Funny how one of these guys was an undrafted rookie and the other was a range as a first round choice, but here they are both in the same boat.
  • Heath: Adams may be if Doug Pederson decides to present him this week. Then Penny could. Both of these backs have talent, it’s just about getting the chance. Right now they are in three-head monster situations but we have received comments from both their coaches that make it sound like they could get more work.

5th Is Rashaad Penny Really?

  • Jamey: I wish he was, but I’m afraid of the dreaded triple Seattle backfield. Chris Carson and Mike Davis deserve the hand, and Penny is likely to need another injury to build his standout result in week 10 against Rams when Carson was out.
  • Dave: Not as much as Seahawk’s running game is too true. The O line does a good job and it makes the driver of the ball look good. If Chris Carson can not keep herself, Penny will get a way to a big finish.
  • Heath: I think his talent is right and this week it seemed that he finally came to the importance of running out of violence. It probably helped him to see two less talented backs having success this season. The next question is if Pete Carroll is ready to present Penny. We may have to wait for Seattle to fall out of the playoff for it to happen.

6th What are your expectations for Aaron Jones for the rest of the season?

  • Jamey: He was awesome (thankfully) against dolphins as our beginning of the week and I hope Packers coach Mike McCarthy continues to give him at least 15 hands a week. If that happens, he will be at least 20 years old, regardless of format, for the rest of the season. If McCarthy gives him more work then he has the potential to be a top 10 option.
  • Dave: The packets know what they have in him at this time, so it’s not possible to divide the workload 50-50 with someone else. He is a must-start top-20 fantasy driving back.
  • Heath: I expect he will be a cross-border top 12 rest of the season. He is phenomenally effective as a back and Aaron Rodgers is enough to keep team from stacking the box. I was very encouraged by his use in the playing game as well. I’d rather get him than Leonard Fournette.

So who are you going to sit and start? And what shocking QB could win you on week 11? Visit SportsLine now to get Fantasy Football’s rankings for each individual position and see what shocking QB finishes in the top five of the week, all from the model that experts exited great time last season.

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