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Fans Are Really Mad Netflix Cancelled Marvel's Daredevil

Share. And just like that, another one falls. By Michael Koczwara Netflix spent the week both fulfilling fans' dreams and…


And just like that, another one falls.

Netflix spent the week both fulfilling fans’ dreams and dashing them. Earlier this week, the streaming service announced the critically acclaimed and surprisingly difficult to watch. Neon Genesis Evangelion will arrive on the service this upcoming spring, but within days also canceled the fan-favorite Daredevil series. Fans are not receiving the news well, and the universal frustration is evident across social media.

From passionate fans to members of the cast, many took to Twitter to share their reactions to the sudden news.

Deborah Ann Woll (Karen Page) shared her thoughts, reflecting on the memories she made. There’s a sadness that comes with most TV show cancellations, but this one in particular leaves some trying to find a balance between bittersweet heartache and outrage. with castmates and offering a special thank you to Erik Oleson, the showrunner of Season 3.

Vincent D’Onofrio (Wilson Fish) spoke out about the cancellation, leaving a bittersweet farewell to show. In a separate tweet D’Onofrio stated “it’s good to leave when you’re on top.”

Daredevil first arrived on Netflix back in April of 2015 where it generated positive buzz from both viewers and critics. The success of Daredevil’s first season helped push Marvel’s plan to develop individual series for Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist, along with a crossover series known as The Defenders that ties all four heroes together.

After a decreasing viewership with each Next show, The Defenders was the first to fall victim to cancellation when it was revealed there were no plans for the show to return for a second season. Dan, in oktober, beide Luke Cage en Iron Fist werden geannuleerd, waardoor veel te wonderen was van de fate of flagship series Daredevil. While Netflix’s final two Marvel shows, The Punisher and Jessica Jones, already have new seasons in the works, the chances of either show escaping cancellation following their upcoming seasons debuts seem low. Fans zijn bewust van dit en zijn al aan het voorbereiden voor de slechtheid.

Het is ook duidelijk aan fans dat de recente Marvel-afschrijvingen niet simpelweg te wijten zijn aan afnemende ratings. Disney is close to launching its own streaming service, dubbed Disney +, where a number of Marvel properties will find a new home. Selv om fans var hurtig til teorize Daredevil vil fortsætte på den nye service, roadblocks som den mere familievenlige image af Disney + og det faktum at Netflix ejer de streaming rettigheder er at sætte denne teori til hvile.

Marvel ultimately sent Daredevil off with an update mentioning they “look forward to more adventures with the Man Without Fear in the future,” implying these characters will live on in a different form. Sadly, the pain of the cancellation can not be erased and fans will continue to make it known.

Season 3 of Daredevil aired this past October and we gave it a glowing review saying it was ” a dark and powerful rollercoaster or redemption that makes every scene count. “

Michael Koczwara is IGN’s Weekend Web Producer who is sad to see Matt Murdock go. Follow him on Twitter and YouTube.

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