CAPE CORAL, Fla. Parishioners are often generous and give people who want to give back when they can, but police warn that their generosity may soon be their downfall.

A woman approaching St. Andrew’s Catholic Church at Del Prado Boulevard is called police after she became the victim of a new scam that you need to know about.

A person claiming to be a pastor of the Church sent her a text message saying that he needed $ 500 in goog card in Google to help a person diagnosed with cancer, police said. The text also said that the pastor could not talk on the phone because he was with the person who assumed the person with cancer.

The woman followed and sent the PIN for five gift cards in one text, police said. The suspect then asked for $ 1,000 more, which led to the woman becoming suspicious.

Then she called her church to find out that the pastor did not give gift cards.

Police said other members of the Church received the same message from the same number, and that St. Andrew is not the only church victim.

Police warn the public that while you may want to help them in need, there are people out there who want to use your generosity towards you. They remind people not to send gift card cards via text, e-mail or by phone.

The financial crime unit of the Cape Coral Police Department has taken over the investigation.

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